Latest modular kitchen design ideas that you should incorporate in your kitchen

Latest modular kitchen design ideas that you should incorporate in your kitchen

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Have you been planning on getting a brand new kitchen? No? Are you happy with your current kitchen? May be yes, but in both situations it wouldn’t hurt to brush up your knowledge on the latest modular kitchen designs that are doing the rounds. Now following the trends might not sound like a tempting idea for most people, because you really do not care much about the colors or, the features. But you should know that the features that get added to the modular kitchens basically stem from the research work that is done to fulfill the demands of the home owners, and these features not only are aesthetically pleasing but these also enhance the functionality of the kitchen.


As you start planning your first kitchen, or, remodel it or, may be consider planning one in the near future, you need to learn about these trends that can truly help you create a space that would make work a breeze for you in the kitchen and would also draw envious glances. So, without any delay let us take a look at some of the trends that you should incorporate in your kitchen.


Latest modular kitchen design ideas: What is trending?


If you just take a look around you would find there to be many trends that are doing the rounds now. If you visit a showroom and start exploring the modular kitchen designs catalogue with price, you would know that many changes have taken place already and you have now access to smarter features. However, among all these trends there are some that truly are turning heads and incorporating these also makes sense. Here is the list we have-


The kitchen island:


The kitchen island has slowly made its way in the modular kitchen designs and this is a feature that has taken the households by storm. The reason behind this popularity is the practicality that is associated with the idea of having an island. In any kitchen whether it is a small kitchen, or, a luxury kitchen, having extra space would always be appreciated. The lack of space on the countertop, or, the lack of enough cabinets, mostly the concept of the islands is driven by such needs. You can create a second work station when you have the kitchen island in the middle. You can prepare the meals, you can install a sink, or, you can build cabinets. Furthermore, you can use this to serve meals. If space is a problem you can opt for a movable unite and enhance the functionality of the kitchen.


The handle-less cabinets and drawers:


Since the trend is now shifting towards the clean lines and a streamlined approach, you should consider opting for the new trend, the handle-less cabinets and drawers are now the way to go. If you have a minimalistic look for your kitchen in mind then you must consider having this unique design. There is no longer the need for the pulls, or, the handles to access the cabinets and drawers, rather you have smart solutions that save you the hassle of messing with the hardware and also the headache of replacing these as they eventually lose their sheen. These handle-less cabinets and drawers not only enhance the efficiency but also add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. Especially in an open kitchen space these would look brilliant, explore the modular kitchen designs catalogue with price if you want to incorporate these.


Open shelving:


Another trend that you must have come across while exploring the latest modular kitchen designs is the inclusion of the open shelves. The kitchen space whether big or, small needs adequate storage space and that can be done through the inclusion of storage modules. However, now there is a new stress on having open shelves. Now you can add floating shelves if you like as these would be convenient or, might even opt for building shelves. The choice is yours. Now you can use these shelves for storing your kitchenware, or, maybe for stacking the cookbooks. Another idea would be to use the shelves for putting your vases, or, planters or, may be mini sculptures anything that you see fit. You can add three or, four shelves vertically above the countertop or, even have just one long shelf. Just play with the idea.


Hidden features:


This is another cool trend that is emerging now which hides the appliances and other features like cabinets behind the panel. Your kitchen looks neat and clean and this is again a great trend to try out if you want to create a luxury kitchen space with a minimalistic approach. The appliances and the cabinets everything are moved beyond sleek panels. This does make the kitchen more efficient and you can also say goodbye to the old drawer designs as the latest ones can be operated with a light touch. This trend helps you create a clutter-free and neatly organized look. The area can be used for the entertainment purposes as well. In fact you can also have a roll-out pantry to make your place more trendy.


Now explore the latest modular kitchen designs to decide which trends you find more appealing and get ready to incorporate the ideas in your kitchen. Even if you are not going to make any changes or, have a kitchen anytime soon, learn about these trends so that you can incorporate the ideas when you will have your own


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