What are the hidden challenges of an Indian kitchen design?

What are the hidden challenges of an Indian kitchen design?

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It is needless to point out that food is an integral part of our culture. The kitchens are always filled with the aroma of spices and sizzling sounds. Kitchen is not only the busiest place in the house, but also the hub of all hustle-bustle, the families gather here, often multiple cooks and helpers work simultaneously in the kitchen. Even though urban India is getting used to the nuclear family concept, where the kitchen has shrunk in size, but in both situations functionality of the kitchen would always remain relevant. India modular kitchen concept is now no longer being viewed as a fad, but as a feasible option, as the concept is successfully addressing the Indian kitchen design challenges.


There are some hidden challenges in the Indian kitchen design which can certainly impact the functionality. Get ready to figure out what these are, so that you can address these issues as well.


The hidden challenges of an Indian kitchen design:


Unplanned layout:


The Indian kitchen ideas surprisingly enough, hardly pay attention to the layout. The layout of a kitchen must be planned in a way that can incorporate all the vital elements and also utilizing the space in the most effective manner possible. Having a kitchen layout that can fulfill both requirements is necessary. Usually the layout does not get the attention it deserves, which is why the homeowners end up with a flawed layout, where you do not have adequate countertop area, as well, as storage, and the corners are used for placing the garbage bin. Also the work triangle rule is hardly implemented and that does result in an uncomfortable workspace. India modular kitchen models can take care of this issue.


Insufficient countertop space:


The countertop area is significant, as the surface is used for food preparation, and in some kitchen for also placing cooked meals. You are going to put the cutting boards, the food processors and what not on the surface. If the countertop is not spacious enough, you will end up with clutter and mess, something that makes your work even more complicated as you waste time trying to making room for everything. Especially during a busy time in the kitchen this can be the biggest hindrance. At the planning stage, the countertop area should be given consideration instead of being taken for granted.


Poor lighting:


Lighting happens to be another big issue that the traditional Indian kitchen design suffers from. Whether you are planning a simple, functional kitchen or, a luxury kitchen, you must understand, you won’t be able to carry out any of your kitchen activities properly. Kitchen space stays busy throughout the day, starting from morning to night, unless there is sufficient light available in the task area, how would you expect to get on with your work without any issues Either you have to make sure that there is plenty of natural light in the kitchen, or, you need to mix different lighting styles to illuminate each corner of the kitchen.




For some reason the Indian kitchen designs fail to understand the importance of proper ventilation in the kitchen area. Your kitchen must be well ventilated, if you really want it to be a clean and healthy place. Usually the kitchen air is always filled with fumes, smoke, oil, grime, spices, dust and what not. When there is not proper ventilation available, the oil and the grime would sit on the cabinet surfaces, on the walls, and the oily surfaces would continue to attract and trap more dust and grime. Even a luxury kitchen without proper ventilation would lose its sheen. So, ensuring proper ventilation is essential for your kitchen’s well-being. Installing a kitchen chimney, is going to take care of this issue, and your kitchen is going to remain dust and dirt free for years to come.




Inadequate storage cause the kitchen spaces to get more cramped, we are a spice loving nation, and our kitchens are always full of exotic aroma of miscellaneous spices. Furthermore, the Indian kitchens are also used as the warehouse of the grocery essentials, and also add the utensils, and numerous kitchen accessories that one requires on a daily basis. Unplanned and random storage can be the biggest bone of contention in this situation that makes a kitchen space cluttered. Locating an item in a hurry, can be such a difficult task. Indian kitchen ideas do not pay attention to the storage needs to mitigate the woes of the home owners.


The above mentioned issues are basically the hidden challenges of the Indian kitchen design, whether you are planning a new kitchen or, remodeling an old one or, maybe you have no planet all to design a kitchen now, but being aware of the challenges will help you design a smart kitchen removing all the flaws in the future. Furthermore, explore the latest India modular kitchen ideas to have the kitchen you desire.



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