Hexagramm Design: Creating well-engineered modular kitchen designs in Delhi with Hacker

Hexagramm Design: Creating well-engineered modular kitchen designs in Delhi with Hacker

Hexagramm Design: Creating well-engineered modular kitchen designs in Delhi with Hacker

Delhi, the capital of India, is a thriving metropolitan city and a melting pot of cuisines and cultures. The architecture of the city blends old-world charm with a modern cosmopolitan vibe. The sprawling bungalows and the modern high-rises dot the cityscape.


There are different popular styles of modular luxury kitchens in the city, including island, country, and classic. As a leading modular kitchen manufacturer in the city, we have noticed some popular themes such as Ceramic Fronts, Framed Doors, and Wooden and High Gloss Lacquered Fronts, especially in areas like Gurgaon and Noida. 


We collaborate with outstanding architects from all across the nation to bring a customer’s concept to reality. In Delhi, we have worked with Hexagramm Design, an architecture, landscape, and interior design studio in Delhi. We recently spoke to Architect Kanishka Jain, a partner at Hexagramm Design, and learned about his thoughts on modern kitchen design trends, their approach, and modular kitchen design tips!


Well-engineered modular kitchen designs in Delhi


Architect Kanishka Jain, a partner at the award-winning firm Hexagramm Design started by talking about the kind of work they do and also their design philosophy. Their firm mostly does high-end residential and commercial projects in the city. Since starting their journey in 2007, they have come a long way, and their design philosophy has always been to create architecture that is “well-engineered and well-articulated”. 


At Hacker Kitchens, we deliver premium-quality modular luxury kitchens that are crafted with unmatched German engineering. Our modular kitchen designs in India flaunt a bespoke design with innovative features that enhance the kitchen’s functionality. We bring a customer’s vision to life by paying attention to the tiniest details to build magnificent luxury kitchens. Before reaching our clients’ homes, all of our products undergo strict testing at our manufacturing units in Germany.


We enjoy partnering with architects who, too, believe in creating robust modern kitchen designs that clients cherish forever. 


How are design trends changing?


Kanishka shared with us how trends are changing with the clientele.  He reminisced about when he was in college doing internships and the clients didn’t have many specifications to share. The design requirements were very basic; the clients would mention how many rooms and bedrooms they would want in their residence, and that would be it.


There has been a paradigm shift, as now the clients do their research and are well-informed. They keep track of trends, and they know which brand of furniture they want. For kitchens, they would prefer Hacker Kitchens. The clients are well aware of exactly how their residential space should be designed. 


What are the steps involved in an Indian kitchen design? 


It takes a lot of preparation and knowledge of the client’s unique needs to create the ideal modular kitchen design. Kanishka specified the process of an Indian kitchen design in a couple of steps. They have a discussion with the client to understand:


  • How many people are in the family?
  • How many meals will be prepared in the kitchen?
  • Which equipment would be used?
  • Who is going to cook? The family members or the help?

They glean these facts to start the brief for the kitchen.

Understanding the end-user’s kitchen usage pattern is crucial to creating a functional Indian kitchen design that works for the customer.  At Hacker Kitchens, whenever a customer approaches us with their kitchen design needs, we listen to them to understand their core requirements. Only when the customers approve a modern kitchen design is it sent to our manufacturing unit in Germany. 


Collaboration with Hacker:


Their collaboration with Hacker started way back in 2012, and Kanishka emphasizes that they haven’t received any negative reviews from their clients yet.


Kanishka emphasizes that Hacker Kitchens distinguishes itself with its “hardcore engineered approach to the product.” He further elaborates by talking about the similar approach that both Hexagramm Design and Hacker Kitchens take while designing a luxury kitchen. Their firm gets into the details of a project or a product while designing, and Hacker Kitchens takes the same approach. Hacker Kitchens, too, takes note of all the little details and plans a kitchen around those details.


To Kanishka, Hacker is a well-engineered, detailed product, and he sums up the brand by saying Hacker is synonymous with longevity.

Kanishka also shared some valuable kitchen tips! Check it out here.


Our collaborations with architects across the country help us deliver the best custom-made modular kitchen designs that you will love.  Quality, robust customized designs, functionality, and durability are some of the features that set us apart. As we continue our journey, we want you to be a part of it too! Visit a Hacker Kitchen showroom near you today and select the perfect design for a modular kitchen.


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