Planning a luxury kitchen design? Here are the 5 reasons to opt for open shelving

Planning a luxury kitchen design? Here are the 5 reasons to opt for open shelving

Planning a luxury kitchen design

Planning kitchen storage in your luxury kitchen is a crucial task that requires a lot of calculations and thorough research. With time, modern kitchen design is evolving, and innovative storage options are coming to the fore. 


Modern kitchen storage not only enhances kitchen functionality by offering more accessible solutions, but these storage modules also contribute to the kitchen’s aesthetic. 


The open shelves have captured attention due to the powerful combination of functionality and style. With more and more homeowners shifting their preferences, instead of closed cabinets, they are now eager to experiment with open shelving. 


If you are now planning a luxury modern kitchen design, you should consider this unique storage option. Here are the reasons why you should install open shelving in your luxury kitchen design


5 reasons to opt for open shelving in your luxury kitchen design: 


Budget-friendly and easy on maintenance: 


If you are looking for budget-friendly storage options for your modern kitchen, you must opt for open shelves. Whether you are planning a new kitchen or a kitchen upgrade, these shelves are an affordable option. These shelves come at a reasonable price, and since they are easy to install, you do not need to think twice before including them in your luxury kitchen


The open shelves are also easy to maintain. Unlike the cabinets, where you have to reach the cabinet corners to clean them thoroughly, the open shelves are easier to clean regularly. You do not have to worry about the items collecting dust, grime, or grease, and you can keep everything more organized and tidier with open shelves. 


Open shelves are flexible and convenient


If you are looking for flexible kitchen storage, then open shelves should top your priority list. These shelves can be positioned strategically to boost the workflow in the kitchen. You can install small shelves over the cooktop where you can store spice containers that you require every day or frequently. A small shelf can also be used to store small appliances such as blenders, food processors, etc. You can access these items whenever necessary without any hassle and also put them back after usage. Storage will be more accessible when you install these shelves in your modern kitchen design. If you install them at the right height, then these shelves will become a convenient option. 


Enhance the visual appeal: 


You can enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen by installing open shelves. You can display your crockery, plants, cookbooks, or anything else you want to display in your kitchen. Since these shelves are highly customizable you can play around with the shapes and sizes, and even with the color, and pattern. Enhance the visual appeal with the help of strip lights or integrated lighting to illuminate themselves, especially when you want to create a focal point in your luxury kitchen.


In a previous blog, we discussed how to style your open shelves. If you want ideas on how to style yours, you should check out the blog here


Add a personal touch to the kitchen design: 


If you are planning a kitchen design, you must personalize it by adding elements that reflect your personal preferences. The open shelves will not only enhance functionality but will also boost the style quotient of the kitchen interior. For a luxury kitchen design, these shelves are a must. 


Keeping the theme of your kitchen and your requirements in mind, you can customize these shelves. You can mix and match shelves of different shapes and sizes and install them where you need them. If your kitchen is all white, you can add pops of color by displaying your colorful crockery on these open shelves. 


Open shelves can optimize the kitchen space: 


Nothing can optimize the kitchen space like open shelves. Since these are flexible, you can install them anywhere. Especially while planning vertical storage, if you opt for these shelves rather than the closed cabinets, you can create an illusion of space as well. The kitchen would look more open and would even optimize the corners, or empty spaces on the wall that otherwise go unused. 


The open shelves can be assets for your modern kitchen design. These are the perfect combination of functionality and kitchen aesthetics. If you truly want to customize your kitchen design and make it more accessible, then these shelves are a must for you. 


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