Remodeling your Indian kitchen? Avoid making these kitchen design errors

Remodeling your Indian kitchen? Avoid making these kitchen design errors

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When it comes to kitchen design, extreme care needs to be taken in the planning phase to ensure that every element is being paid attention to, resulting in a kitchen design that is highly functional. Due to lack of foresight and planning the Indian kitchen design more often than not ends up being an average kitchen which is not good enough for work or, storage. The reason most home owners resort to a kitchen remodeling project, is only because they have issues with their existing kitchen design and they want to make it smarter and better. Whether you have a luxury kitchen in mind or, something else, you should never make some remodeling mistakes. So, what are these mistakes?

Let’s check these out here.


Kitchen remodeling: Do not make these design errors


Not having clarity regarding your requirements:


When you decide to opt for kitchen renovation , you get ready to make a significant financial investment. The kitchen renovation project is definitely going to increase the value of your home as well, if you ever decide to sell it in the future. Even if you do not sell it, you should still ensure that the kitchen functionality is enhanced through the project. The biggest mistake people make is that they do not pay attention to the details, they do not make a list of the changes that need to be made or, the tasks that need to be done. This way you would end up with a kitchen design that is no better than the current one.


Always review your current kitchen design and find out what are the flaws, which areas are creating the most problem. Is it storage? Do you need more cabinets? Do you need more countertop space? Is the work triangle absent and you are having difficulty moving around? Listing out every issue is going to help you understand things better. If you truly want to address all the problems via one solution then you should consider talking to the modular kitchen manufacturers in Patna, and choose a modular kitchen layout.


Not exploring latest storage solutions:


Storage is one of the primary requirements of the kitchen, and this is something the home owners not pay much attention to. With time usually the kitchen needs to have bigger or, at least better storage needs. Before you start your project you should consider exploring the storage options available now. Instead of having the traditional solutions you should explore other options too. If you really want to have only cabinets then explore the latest designs of kitchen cabinets in India. However, you should also explore the other options like the drawers, even open shelves , as the latter would add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen and help you solve your storage requirements. Furthermore, the drawers would help you keep your kitchen area more sorted.


Not paying attention to the work triangle:


One of the biggest design flaws of a kitchen is not paying attention to the work triangle. You just have to understand that even the luxury kitchen has to be the most efficient place of all. In order to ensure that your activities could be carried out without any obstruction you must implement the work triangle rule. The distance between the stove, the fridge, the sink should be so, that would not disturb your activities in any way and would rather make it absolutely hassle-free and easy. So, if your current kitchen layout does not have this, you should get these fixed when you renovate, pay attention to your current layout and find out how you can change this or, how to incorporate the
work-triangle rule in your kitchen.


Focusing only on the aesthetics:


When it comes to a kitchen remodel things can be seriously challenging, if you do not pay attention to the functionality and only add on details to make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing, you are making a mistake. However, the fact remains that the aesthetics of the kitchen is important, but it should never ever put the kitchen functionality at the back. The perfect kitchen is designed when both aesthetics and functionality are in balance, check the latest trend in kitchen cabinets in India, which are beautiful and functional. So, yes pay attention to the detailing that needs to be taken care of as you renovate your kitchen, but your focus should be on making it more efficient.


Not paying attention to the lighting and ventilation:


A kitchen area must be bright, you have to carry out so many tasks there so there should be ample light. If your current kitchen is not properly lit, then during your kitchen renovation you should make proper arrangement. Ignoring this aspect will only hamper your design process. To begin with, you must make room for the natural light fill up the room and as far as artificial lighting is concerned, identify the task areas and start installing the task lighting in those areas. If your luxury kitchen has an island or, if want to install one during renovation, then you should definitely hang pendant lighting above the area.


Ventilation is another key element which mostly get ignored during the initial kitchen design process, and also when it gets renovated. Do not make this mistake and install a kitchen chimney. A poorly ventilated kitchen would be dirty, and the air would be full of food odor, and particles. The surfaces would be sticky. Do not allow this to happen, while remodeling make sure you are taking care of your ventilation needs.


Those were a couple of mistakes that you should avoid making while remodeling your kitchen. If you want to achieve smarter results and want the best value for your money then talk to the modular kitchen manufacturers in Patna to get yourself a modular kitchen.



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