7 tips to design the right pantry for your Indian Kitchen

7 tips to design the right pantry for your Indian Kitchen

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The kitchen is not just the place where we cook, but it is also the place where we stock the grocery items, spices and other essentials. Although the modern kitchen design incorporates a number of storage elements including cabinets and storage, it wise to create a separate pantry as well. An Indian kitchen can easily get cluttered due to the number of items that get stocked in the kitchen, so, instead of stashing items in the cabinets, having a separate pantry section can be beneficial for you. You should design the right pantry that can ease the pressure on your cabinets, drawers and other storage modules. So, basically you need some clever pantry design ideas to make your pantry functional, we have put together 7 design tips that can help you figure out the right pantry design for your kitchen. Visit a showroom of modular kitchen in Delhi, to learn about design options if you want it in your modular kitchen.


Pantry design tips for Indian Kitchen:


Create different sections:


The pantry is designed to store miscellaneous items starting from your flour to your spices, sauces and more such items. But since you would be storing so many items there might be a clutter within the pantry itself. You can sincerely find the solutions if you just classify everything by creating separate sections for separate items. For example, you can reserve a shelf for the dry items, another one for the spices, one for the sauces and so on and so forth. This way everything could be stored really well, when you have different sections you have more clarity regarding which item is where and where to look for it. When in a hurry you can easily find what you are seeking. This will reduce clutter and would also keep things sorted for you. Modular kitchen design also includes pantry units, explore modular kitchen designs catalogue with price to get ideas.


Make it convenient:


Since pantry is that one place which you would be accessing so many times a day, you have to make sure that it is conveniently designed. The height of the pantry should not be so high that you will have trouble reaching the higher shelves. Furthermore, to make it more accessible you can opt for the pull-out pantry design or, the tall units, if you have a small kitchen or, the open plan kitchen then you must consider this design. It would be compact, and completely hidden, you just have to pull the pantry section out when you need to access the kitchen essentials. If you are opting for the door style pantry, then opt for glass so that you can locate the items easily before opening the doors. If you want to have a modular kitchen in Bangalore, then explore nearby showrooms to learn about different options.


For versatile storage have an open pantry:


If you want your pantry design to be more flexible, you should consider having an open kitchen. This way you can not only store your grains, flour, rice, spices, you can also create the storage space for perishable goods like fruits and vegetables. Since the pantry is going to be open with multiple shelves there is no question of an enclosed space so there is airflow which means that your fruits and vegetables could easily be stocked in the baskets. Another benefit of the open pantry is what you store could be always visible and
more accessible.


Build according to your need:


Just the way your kitchen is built to fit your specific requirements, your pantry unit should equally be customized to suit your needs, so go through the modular kitchen designs catalogue with price to learn about latest trends. If you have a big family, or, you entertain guests frequently then you should consider building a pantry that can accommodate your need. You can have two or three pull-out pantry units , or, you can also build a walk-in pantry. You can also have a medium unit built on the wall with glass doors. If you do not have much space, and want to build the pantry in the corner of your kitchen then keep it small or, medium and to utilize the magic corners that will help you in a big way to utilize the corner spaces so well.


Simplify with smart tricks:


Your pantry section can be more organized when you take advantage of the smart methods to keep everything in order. To begin with you should not keep anything in package, get clear jars, and you could also get clear baskets, or, even bins and use these to store items, when you are done label everything. You can also buy different organizers available to put everything in its place. Always keep those items at the front that you would need on everyday basis, also do not ignore the pantry door area as this offers you ample opportunities to store the cutlery, and other accessories using the organizers. Smart organizers are part of the modular kitchen design, talk to the manufacturer of modular kitchen in Delhi to learn about these.


Design a pantry using shelves:


If you do not want to have a separate pantry unit in the kitchen area, but do need to stock your essentials, then use your shelves. If you do not have shelves then you should definitely consider installing shelves and then use the shelves to store your essentials, by using clear bins and baskets. You can put the sauces you use in one basket, the spices in another container. The grains could be in jars, since everything would be open you can easily access the items without any hassle. You can also get wicker baskets for storing bottles of jams, pickles, and other items that you need every day and put these on the lower shelf. Open shelving is a popular concept in modular kitchen, you should learn about this if you are planning on having a modular kitchen in Bangalore.


Get drawers instead of shelves:


If you need bigger storage solutions then your pantry design should be given a twist and an intelligent touch by replacing the shelves with drawers. When you have many jars, containers, and other items to store then you should opt for the pull-out drawers, because too many items on the shelves would make things crowded. Even in a compact pantry layout this should work just fine. All you should be doing is to have a combination of both deep and shallow drawers. The deep drawers should be used for storing the big containers, and the shallow ones for smaller jars. Since these have pull-out designs you can easily access these even in a hurry.


Explore these pantry design ideas, and consult your storage requirement to be able to create the right pantry design that is absolutely convenient for you. If you are building a modular kitchen then you should consult a dealer for modular kitchen in Delhi.


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