A step-by-step guide to customizing your modern kitchen design

A step-by-step guide to customizing your modern kitchen design

A step-by-step guide to customizing your modern kitchen design

A sleek, modern kitchen not only does look good on the magazine pages but also in your own home as well. As you feel lost in the beautiful kitchen designs, just make the effort to go beyond the aesthetic appeal and peek closer at the designs. You would be surprised to find how meticulously each of these kitchens has been planned and each is aimed to enhance the functionality of the place.


A modern kitchen can be appealing only when it would be the most efficient place to be. If your kitchen right now does not live up to your expectation do not feel disappointed, the modern elegant kitchen designs that inspire you could transform your dated kitchen as well. Customization would play a key role here, all you would need is a little patience, along with passion, determination and this guide. Let’s start.


How to customize your modern kitchen design?


Customization of your kitchen design is important, because let’s face it, the modern kitchen design prioritizes functionality. So when you start customization you must do it with the aim of enhancing the functionality of your current space and approach the process step-by-step.


Step-1Figure out the flaws of your current kitchen design:  You are obviously not happy with the current state of affairs but you want this to work, may be you found some amazing German kitchen design and want to emulate that. Now what is wrong with your kitchen? Ask yourself this question and list down the answers. Inconvenience in terms of movement, lack of storage, cabinet size and height are not right, you need additional space and the lighting is poor too. Once you have clarity regarding the issues, you are ready for the next steps.


Step-2Calculate the space you have: The design of the kitchen space plays the pivotal role in determining how convenient the place is going to be.  Measure the space you have and plan a layout that would be perfect for this particular space, something that would allow you to maximize the space you have and would not be constricting. You must be able to move around from one point to the other in a hurry without feeling obstructed, your storage and cooking area would be separate yet conveniently placed to help you cook in a hassle free manner. The triangle rule must be strictly followed. Based on these factors choose an L-shaped or, U-shaped kitchen, for a narrow space opt for a parallel kitchen design.


Step-3Customize the design: True customization would take place when you decide the color, style of the cabinets, shelves and envision the elements in a different way. There must not be any jarring effect, so, instead of running away with your imagination when it comes to choosing the color, texture and backsplash design, do some research. There should be synchronicity, which could only be achieved with careful selection of colors and materials. Along with cabinet design also make sure that the cabinets are within your reach and diversify your storage option by installing racks, floating shelves, cabinets. Do your research on the smart storage solutions.


Step-4Do not let maintenance be an issue: A kitchen must be a clean place, everyday it would be filled with oil, smoke, spices, food odors and whatnot. Lack of ventilation would eventually lead to a dirty kitchen with dust and dirt trapped in oil that would gradually make the cabinet surface, walls greasy. You must address these issues by installing a proper ventilation system and opting for materials which are easy to clean, so that maintenance would no longer be an issue. You would not have to stay late in the kitchen fighting with a tough spot on a delicate surface figuring out innovative ways to clean that. Approach a manufacturer of modular kitchen, and learn which materials would be durable and easy to maintain.


Step-5Let the professionals handle it:  Approach the top modular kitchens dealers in India, and share your customization plan with them. Figure out if they have a model that would fit your need snugly, or would they be able to customize. A modular kitchen would be the smart investment that you should make, it would solve those niggling issues you are struggling with currently and you would end up with an efficient kitchen which would not only be elegant but would also be super efficient.


You have the guide, now stop wasting time and get ready to bid adieu to your kitchen problems. Follow the steps and start customizing your kitchen design to make it a happy and comfortable place where you would enjoy cooking for your loved ones everyday with a smile.


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