This Hyderabad Modular Kitchen Is Kid-Friendly, And Durable: #Myhäckerstory

This Hyderabad Modular Kitchen Is Kid-Friendly, And Durable: #Myhäckerstory

This Hyderabad Modular Kitchen Is Kid-Friendly, And Durable: #Myhäckerstory

At Haecker Kitchens, we believe in delivering robust tailor-made kitchens that are functional, reflect unique style, and transform into a cozy space for the family. Each kitchen has its own story, when we meet our clients we talk to them to learn about their design requirements, their preferences, and most importantly their vision. Each client has a specific set of requirements, but all they want is a durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen.


It is our responsibility to give their vision a concrete shape in the form of an elegant kitchen and we have been successfully doing that for so many years. In this segment #MyHäckerStory, we revisit our happy customers who cherish their Haecker kitchens.


This edition takes us to Hyderabad, where we meet Suprajj & Sirisha Reddy and learn about their Haecker journey. Let’s begin!


#MyHäckerStory: Kid-friendly, durable modular kitchen in Hyderabad:


We receive a warm welcome from Mr. Suprajj Reddy and his wife Sirisha Reddy, and they take us to their stunning Haecker kitchen.  They informed us that it is their first Hacker kitchen and it’s been almost a year and a half since they started using this modular kitchen. They shared their kitchen design experience with us.




Why did they choose Haecker Kitchens?


Mr. Suprajj Reddy was solely focused on designing the kitchen that he wanted to sync with the rest of the house. The kitchen interior should never be a standalone feature in the home, and homeowners want their kitchens to reflect the dominant theme of home interior.


Mr. Suprajj Reddy wanted a brand that is centered on kitchen design, with a keen understanding of kitchen design nuances, and years of expertise in the field. He was advised to reach out to Haecker Kitchens, the trusted German modular kitchen brand with 12 decades of experience in kitchen design.



What was their primary modular kitchen design requirement?


Mr. Suprajj Reddy wanted to incorporate the wet and dry kitchen concept into his home. The kitchen layout is quite popular among modern homeowners, who split the modern Indian kitchen design in wet and dry kitchen areas.


The wet kitchen is reserved for extensive, heavy-duty cooking that involves oil, and steam, whereas the dry kitchen are is for carrying out lighter tasks.


As Mr. Suprajj Reddy explains, for his wet kitchen area he had a couple of specific requirements. He wanted it to have a clean, functional, and convenient design that can be easy to navigate around. He also specifically wanted handless modular kitchen cabinet design in the kitchen; we have noticed a growing demand for handless kitchen cabinets and drawers that lend a minimalist, contemporary vibe to the kitchen aesthetics.


Mr. Suprajj Reddy was keen on having a kitchen layout that is ‘smooth flowing’.  For the dry kitchen area that is primarily meant for heating food or preparing coffee, he wanted a colonial theme. Haecker created the perfect layout for the couple, and Mr. Suprajj Reddy emphasizes – they are extremely happy with their kitchen design.


What do they love about their Haecker kitchen?


Mrs. Sirisha Reddy loves the fact that their Haecker kitchen is kid-friendly. As the modern kitchen design is becoming more of a bonding place and an entertainment zone for the family, homeowners prefer having a kid-friendly design.  Mrs. Sirisha Reddy shares that her daughter also sometimes stands alongside her while she is cooking and she does not have to worry because everything is at a safe height.


She further elaborates that her Haecker modular kitchen is highly functional and everything is well-integrated into the design that makes it easy for her to smoothly operate in the kitchen.  She also stresses the fact that their kitchen is subjected to extensive cooking every day since all of their meals are cooked at home.


Mrs. Sirisha Reddy loves to cook and she prepares different cuisines at home and uses every kitchen appliance from the oven to the cooktop extensively. She is really happy with her Haecker kitchen’s performance and quips- she hasn’t had a single issue with her kitchen.


Haecker modular kitchen is super easy to maintain!


Kitchen functionality is an important factor, but so is kitchen maintenance! So is their Haecker modular kitchen easy to maintain?


Mrs. Sirisha Reddy explains how easy it is to maintain the kitchen. She often goes for deep cleaning and lifts the drawers herself, takes them out to clean them thoroughly, and puts them back without any hassle. She also keeps on adjusting the heights of her shelves and she prefers changing the storage layout as per her need, and she does all of it smoothly.


The couple loves their Haecker modular kitchen for its durability, functionality, and the convenience it offers.


We design our Haecker kitchens to satisfy our customers, and we love it when they share their experiences.  Stay tuned for our next #MyHäckerStory in the series. Visit our modular kitchen showroom in your city to design a stunning kitchen for you.




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