5 Rules You Should Follow Before Selecting a Modular Kitchen Model

5 Rules You Should Follow Before Selecting a Modular Kitchen Model

5 Rules You Should Follow Before Selecting a Modular Kitchen Model

The homeowners today are intent on making smarter choices when it comes to the kitchen. The old kitchen designs no longer serve the purpose, as they want their kitchen space to be aesthetically pleasing and also functional. Modular kitchen is now a popular choice among the home owners as this kitchen design has everything one could hope for. Along with having a sleek look it also is highly efficient, this is a smart choice for the home owners no doubt as it can be easily customized according to individual needs. If and when somebody decides to opt for a modular kitchen they will find a range of modular kitchen models to choose from, but before selecting one they need to keep certain rules in mind. Keep on reading to learn what these rules are.


How to select a modular kitchen model?


Here are some simple to follow rules that will help you select the ideal modular kitchen model for your home.


The kitchen layout:


Your kitchen must have the right layout if you truly want to make the kitchen an ideal place. If you explore any showroom of modular kitchen in Mumbai you will be amazed to see the range of layouts available there. Starting from the straight-line layout to the U-shaped layout, you will find different options for different requirements, but your selection here should not be random. You must not select any layout just because it looks good, your kitchen requirements should decide which one should be ideal for you.  For example, if you have a small kitchen and you want to opt for an island kitchen layout then you would find that it would not work for you at all. The kitchen space would be all cramped up and it would be more of a hindrance than being handy. So, pay attention to details while checking layouts before you finalize one.


The triangle rule:


Whether you are opting for a regular kitchen design or, modular kitchen design, implementation of this rule is a must. There should be an ideal gap between your refrigerator, sink, and also your stove. This is gap should be maintained as it eases the process of moving about in the kitchen carrying out your tasks. The rule helps you create a triangle that holds the clue to kitchen efficiency. You should not ignore this rule and while talking to a dealer regarding the modular kitchen price in Bangalore, you should also learn how best to implement this rule in your kitchen.




One of the USPs of the modular kitchen is customization. When you take a look at the modular kitchen models, you would find that each could be customized to suit different needs. So, when you decide to invest in a modular kitchen you should consider learning about different customization options available to you. To begin with you can select the color combinations, finishes, materials, your storage module numbers, style, everything. When you visit the showroom of modular kitchen in Mumbai, you should also ask about the price variations of different choices that you make. You can design a modular kitchen within your budget which would be fully customized. Pay attention to your storage requirements and build your storage modules accordingly, learn about different cabinet and drawer designs which could be operated with a light touch and come without any pulls or, knobs. You can also create a separate pantry section.


Kitchen appliances:


The top modular kitchen brands partner with the best appliance companies which means you have the opportunity to get your hands on the best kitchen appliances. But be selective, there is no need to have everything that you see in the showroom. You must be sure about which appliances you are going to be using and you should select it from the best brand. Compare pricing and features before you select one. Do not have appliances that you are hardly going to use, be careful about the placement of the appliances as well. Do not skip a kitchen chimney; this is a must for keeping your kitchen dust and dirt free. While exploring the modular kitchen price in Bangalore, you must ensure that you are learning about the different price points of the appliances you have set your eyes on.


The kitchen accessories:


The modular kitchen is known for enhancing kitchen efficiency and the accessories that come with different modular kitchen models are simply amazing. For you modular kitchen you should explore the options available and select only those accessories that you need. For example, if you have corner cabinets then you must have the carousel units, but if you do not have any corner area then don’t waste money on that. There are tall-units, bottle pull-outs, under the sink units, and so much more available. Only invest in those accessories that you need and leave the rest out, this will help you get your modular kitchen within your budget.


Conclusion: These are five basic rules which if followed could help you design the ideal modular kitchen within your budget. Always explore brands, models and pay attention to quality to ensure that you are making the right investment. Even if you do not want to buy a modular kitchen now, learning about these rules will help you be informed.


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