7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Island For Your Indian Kitchen Design

7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Island For Your Indian Kitchen Design

7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Island For Your Indian Kitchen Design

The kitchen island is a versatile and a valuable addition to a kitchen design. It can be your storage, your work station, or, just the focal point. You can turn it into anything for meeting your requirements. However, if you are planning to install one in your modular kitchen then you have to be careful with your designing process. A wrong island style can ruin your kitchen design and instead of becoming your aid, it will become an impediment. So here are 7 tips that have been compiled to help you find the right kitchen island for your Indian kitchen design.


7 tips to choose the perfect kitchen island:


Find your purpose:


Before including an island in your modern kitchen design, you have to be sure about its purpose. Do you need this for storage purposes or something else?  When you find the purpose it will help you decide the rest of the aspects of the design process. You can study the kitchen island styles available and choose one accordingly. But making a random choice will only ruin your kitchen design.


Keep the layout in mind:


One of the crucial factors that will determine your kitchen island style is your kitchen layout. Your kitchen island style will also be determined by the layout you have. An L-shaped kitchen will be perfect for implementing the kitchen island, but when you have the U-shaped design, installing the island will be a problem that you will have to face. Study the modular kitchen models with islands and figure out how to place an island in a particular layout.  Never ever choose an island style that will cause blockage in your kitchen.


 Find the right material for your kitchen island:


If you are planning a kitchen island for your Indian kitchen design then you have to select material for it. You have figured out the purpose and selected the right style, and now you should consider choosing the right material for it. If you are using it as your meal prep area then you should select materials that are scratch resistant. On the other hand, you should choose a material that will help you engage in meal preparation without damaging the counterpace.


 You need the right lighting scheme:


No matter how you plan on using your kitchen island, you have to select the lighting scheme accordingly. Especially when you want to use it as your second meal prep and cooking zone, you must hang pendant lights to light up the countertop space.  This will help you do meal preparation without any kind of hassle. On the other hand, if this island is going to be your serving zone then you have to hang pendant light, track lighting or, chandelier lighting to light up the kitchen island. This will brighten up the space as everyone gets down having their meals. If the island is going to serve as your storage then what you should be doing is to install task lighting in the cabinets and drawers to access everything you need without any hassle. Check out the modular kitchen models to understand how a lighting scheme should be planned.


The position of the island:


The kitchen island position will play a determining role in enhancing your kitchen’s functionality. You must understand where to place the island in your modern kitchen design. If you want it to be the focal point then place it in a way that it draws immediate attention but without blocking the pathways. In this situation the middle of the kitchen space will be right. However, for other purposes you have to calculate the distance you have to cover. Look for plumbing outlets and electrical outlets to decide the position of the island if it is to be used as a meal prep zone. As far as using the island as your serving zone is concerned keep the space you require for making seating arrangements in your mind.


The latest styles:


The kitchen island undergoes design changes and there are some new styles emerging. Look for these latest styles before you implement one in your Indian kitchen design. Your kitchen island must complement the kitchen theme you have planned, and also the layout. The kitchen island must serve its purpose while giving your kitchen aesthetics a big boost.


Customize your island:


It will be a smart move to customize your kitchen island style as it will help you make your kitchen space more efficient. You have to determine the island type you will settle for and then customize its design in terms of your need. It could be the perfect addition for your kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen storage more accessible, then you have to install pull-out style kitchen drawers, you can also make room for your small appliances in your kitchen island.



These are the tips that will help you design the perfect kitchen island for your Indian kitchen design. Consult a design professional of needed. Do not let your kitchen island be a burden, it should be an asset.


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