Check Out These Unique Ideas To Create The Perfect Small Modern Indian Kitchen Design

Check Out These Unique Ideas To Create The Perfect Small Modern Indian Kitchen Design

Check Out These Unique Ideas To Create The Perfect Small Modern Indian Kitchen Design

When it comes to designing a small modern Indian kitchen, there are some inherent challenges that one has to be aware of. Planning and designing a functional kitchen is a challenge in itself, but a small kitchen design will be a whole new ballgame. The problem that is inherent with this design is scarcity of space that prevents one from utilizing the space available. But in apartments these days the space allotted to a kitchen is really less, and that is the reason one must plan their kitchen carefully. Here are some unique ideas that will help one create the small modern Indian kitchen design.


How to create the perfect small modern Indian kitchen design?

small modular kitchen india

Find the ideal layout:


Since a kitchen layout optimizes the kitchen space, the selection of the layout plays a significant role. Your kitchen space is already lacking space which means the available space should be utilized. You can find design inspiration from modular kitchen ideas to understand how a layout should be chosen. For the small kitchen you can opt for the open kitchen layout, as it will solve the space issue; the layouts to be considered for a small kitchen are the L-shaped layout, the parallel kitchen layout, and the one-wall layout. All of these should be considered but ultimately your unique requirement will decide the right layout for you.


Use your wall space:


Since you will not have access to adequate space to build cabinets, you should start utilizing the walls. Using the vertical space will be a smart idea, and you can build different storage modules as well. To begin with you can install small floating shelves strategically on the walls and use them as your storage space. You can use these shelves to make room for your spice jars, and your small bowls, and even crockery. Furthermore, you can also install pot racks to hang your heavy pots and pans.  The more you utilize the wall space the better for you. The modern kitchen in India now utilizes every inch of the space available with such smart solutions.


Install tall-units:


In your small Indian kitchen design, you must make room for your grocery items. Do not store them in the cabinets because it will only make your storage more messy, and cluttered. However, the lack of space in the kitchen means you cannot create room for a separate pantry section. But your problem will be solved with the help of a tall-unit. These units are slim yet they contain adequate space to contain multiple items. You can install one behind your refrigerator, and these units could be pulled-out whenever you need to access an item, and these could also be pushed-back. They hardly take up much space, and therefore provide the ideal storage that your kitchen needs.


Use pegboards:


You have many kitchen accessories in your kitchen you must make room for. Keeping the accessories organized is a necessity; however, in a small kitchen keeping everything organized will be a challenge.  The pegboards come in real handy in such situations, and that is why you should consider installing pegboards in your kitchen. You can have a pegboard backsplash to keep your accessories neatly organized. You can also install one behind the door, and on walls. That way you will have absolutely no trouble keeping everything organized. Look for different options for your modern kitchen in India before you install one.


Get a rolling island:


The kitchen islands can be the best problem solver in the kitchen, and are part of modern kitchen design now. But it is assumed that an island requires a big kitchen space, but it might not be the sole truth. The small kitchen space will not be able to accommodate a big kitchen island, but it will definitely benefit from a rolling island that can be moved around the kitchen. There are many designs available and you must select one that will be ideal for your small Indian kitchen design. This island will let you store items, and the surface can help you doing meal prep.


Lighter hues and brighter lights:


Up until now we were discussing how to make more storage space in your small Indian kitchen. Now we will shift our focus to making your modern kitchen in India look more spacious despite the space crunch. To begin with you should choose lighter hues like white, beige, cream or, any pastel shade as for that matter.  These colors will reflect light and will make your room look spacious. Install ambient lighting and task lighting in the kitchen to ensure that there is no shadow. On the other hand, you can also install led track lighting to brighten up the space.


These unique design ideas will work for any small kitchen space. Do not forget to customize your kitchen, and always pay attention to details. Installing a modular kitchen is another idea that you should give a thought.





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