A Kitchen Island Can Be Great For Your Modern Indian Kitchen. Check Out This Guide On Island Kitchen Layout!

A Kitchen Island Can Be Great For Your Modern Indian Kitchen. Check Out This Guide On Island Kitchen Layout!

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The traditional kitchen design has gone through a massive transformation and what we have now is a modern Indian kitchen that is elegant and functional. New elements have come in to play such as the kitchen island, and many kitchen users have started including the kitchen island in the kitchen design as the island is known to be an element that serves multiple purposes. However, despite it being a versatile element, one should only include it in the kitchen if they have a requirement for it. The kitchen island come in a wide number of styles and each would serve different purpose.  Here’s a guide on the modern kitchen design with a island kitchen layout that might help anyone willing to plan one.


How to plan an island kitchen layout?


Now there are a couple of pointers that you must check out before you include an island in your kitchen. Let’s check out what these are-


Be clear about the purpose:


The island kitchen layout might be the best solution for you if you want to-


  • Add a second work station
  • Add additional storage units
  • Create a focal point
  • Enhance aesthetic appeal
  • Create a dining area


The above mentioned reasons are usually why people opt for a kitchen island in the first place.  You must be clear about why you need an island so that you can select the right island style. Each purpose mentioned here would require a different kind of island style. For example, if you want to have it as your work station then you would need a big island where you can place the sink, and even a cooktop. Explore the luxury modern kitchen designs with island kitchen layout and you would know which styles to pick.


Measure the space you have:


A kitchen island is going to take up space and you must be aware of that. The kitchen space that you have must be kept in mind before you select a kitchen island. Once you are aware of your purpose you should start exploring the available style that would help you get the right model. Always remember that having a kitchen island that is too big or, too small would not serve your purpose , and if the proportion is not right you would be stuck. Having an oversized island would not only cause blockage but there would also be wastage of space.  Keep space availability in mind, if you are planning on including an island in your Indian kitchen design.


Light up your island:


Regardless of the purpose of your kitchen island you must choose a lighting scheme that would make your kitchen island functional. Especially if you are using the kitchen island as your work station then you should make the right lighting arrangement and hang pendant lighting over the kitchen island. This would ensure that conducting tasks like meal preparation, cooking, and other activities gets easier in your modern kitchen design. The same goes for an island that is going to be used as your dining area. However, depending upon the function the island performs, you should select the lighting scheme. You can hang two or, more pendant lights and you can also opt for track lighting. If you are creating additional storage in your Indian kitchen design then install task lighting to light up the island, so that you can access the items you need when it’s dark.


Check plumbing and electric outlets:


If you are going to create a second work station using the island then you must check the plumbing and electric outlets first. You need to make arrangements for these outlets if there aren’t any and you should place the island strategically. You have to install a sink, and also a cooktop, on the other hand, if you plan on installing appliances then you must take care of the electric outlet. The luxury modern kitchen designs include islands without disturbing the work triangle rule. So, make sure you are placing the island in a way that the ideal distance between the fridge and the cooktop is maintained. This would ensure that no pathway is blocked.


Conclusion: Keep the guidelines in mind before you add an island in your modern kitchen design. Be clear about your priorities and select an island style that will fit your particular kitchen best. Your island kitchen layout must be functional, efficient, and elegant.

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