4 advantages of modular kitchen design you are still overlooking

4 advantages of modular kitchen design you are still overlooking

modular kitchen in India

The modular kitchen concept no doubt is revolutionary, and we are not talking about the aesthetics only, but also about the high functionality. The perfect combination of both has managed to sweep the Indian home owners off their feet, which is why modular kitchen in India is now being perceived as the best alternative to the traditional kitchen design.


So, why modular kitchen has become such a popular concept? From once being perceived as a high-end niche concept, to becoming a popular choice, the journey of the modular kitchen trend has been quite eventful. The modular kitchen design brings some unique benefits to the table, which aim at enhancing the functionality of the kitchen.


Here we are discussing 4 advantages of a modular kitchen design, let’s find out what these are.



Modular kitchen in India: what are the pros?


Adequate storage space


Usually the storage capacity of a kitchen completely depends on the planning. It requires meticulous planning  to build cabinets, drawers according to specific storage requirement while optimizing the available space. Your regular kitchen design usually fails at doing both. With a modular kitchen you can say goodbye to this kitchen design flaw forever.


One of the biggest advantages of modular kitchen is that you get adequate amount of storage solutions. Since the modular kitchen revolves round the concept of functionality, it presents a diverse range of storage solutions. It would optimize your space and even the kitchen corners would be utilized with modular accessories like carousel boxes. You can opt for the oil pull-outs, and a series of drawers for storing your pots and pans, kitchen accessories, spatulas, and you can even have a separate pantry section. Sort out the kitchen storage issue with the modular concept.


High on functionality


The modular kitchen designs are aimed at increasing the functionality of your kitchen space. If working in the kitchen is a cumbersome experience for you, you should consider replacing your kitchen with a modular version. There are different modules which are built to perfection to suit your specific requirements. The kitchen layout is customized to fit in perfectly in the available space and the implementation of the golden triangle rule makes it possible for you to run your kitchen errands in a hassle free manner. You have everything within your reach, and since high-end appliances are a part of the modular kitchen design, cooking will feel like a breeze.


Trendy designs


Although in the kitchen space the functionality is given preference, that does not mean aesthetics would take a backseat. The brilliance of the modular kitchen concept lies in the fact that it gives you best of both worlds in terms of functionality and aesthetics. In today’s urban setting the old kitchen design no longer fits, and the sophisticated modular kitchen designs which get featured in the magazines are too tempting to resist. The pull-out design, the glossy finish, the dual toned interior come exclusively with latest modular kitchen designs.


Easy maintenance and repair


You have been toiling hard in your old kitchen for years to keep it clean, but you are still not satisfied with the result. If anything needs replacement or, repairing, you have to be ready for a mess. Modular kitchen can be the solution you are looking for. You can choose the materials for your kitchen countertop and cabinets that are durable and easy to clean. Furthermore, the modules, accessories could be easily taken apart when deep cleaning is required. If you get tired of the kitchen interior in a couple of years, then you can replace it with something new without disturbing the entire kitchen setup. The best part is if you are relocating, you can take your modular kitchen with you.


These 4 advantages are hard to ignore. Yes, the price tags might be high but when you consider the long-term benefits, it makes sense to invest in a modular kitchen model. However, price modification is possible with your material and layout selection. The modular kitchen trend is here to stay and given the benefits it has to offer, more households are likely to welcome it.


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