Modular kitchen design: pros and cons

Modular kitchen design: pros and cons

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In India, the modular kitchen concept has finally caught on, and this has changed the traditional kitchen concept in a big way. No longer people are interested in keeping the same old kitchen design that neither looks trendy, nor is functional. The arrival of modular kitchen concept has changed ourperception to a great degree, and now we know that kitchen functionality and aesthetics can reach a new height, if planned well. If you are in a big metro like Chennai, for example, just talk to the modular kitchen dealers in Chennai to understand how versatile the concept is.


Although the modular kitchen concept has become popular in the recent times, not all homeowners are convinced that they should opt for it. There remains some doubts which often prevent home owners from transitioning to the modular concept. The decision making might not be easier, why don’t we discuss here the pros and the cons of the concept so that you can weigh both pros and cons, and finally take the right decision.


Modular kitchen design: The pros


The modular kitchen has many benefits to offer, and unless you are aware of these benefits taking the
right decision would not be possible. So, let’s take a look at the pros.




It is hard to deny that the modular kitchens takes the cake when it comes to the aesthetics. Yes, even a carpenter made kitchen is beautiful, but still will stop short of achieving the perfection the modular kitchens are synonymous with. The sleek finish, the clean lines, the smart modules, high-end appliances all neatly arranged in a compact layout and this is some thing you cannot expect to get with a carpenter-made version. Furthermore, all the latest design trends will be available with the modular version. Whether you approach modular kitchen dealers in Delhi or, in some other big city, you will be presented with tempting styles.


Customized solutions:


One of the most significant benefits of the modular kitchen design would be the customized solutions. From layout to the cabinet finish, every single element gets customized. You can decide what kind of storage modules to have, and also their height and style. You also get to choose from the vast range of materials available, when you approach the
modular kitchen dealers in Chennai, you can ask about the different material options available to get suggestions regarding the best option for your kitchen.


Space utilization:


Usually with a carpenter-made kitchen you can never expect your kitchen space to be fully optimized. The design flaws would simply make it impossible for you to come up with the kitchen layout that takes care of your need. Your carpenter might not have the capability to incorporate the latest trends. If your kitchen is small then you can opt for an L shaped design, on the other hand for a narrow space you can opt for the parallel shape. If you are worried about your corner spaces, the modular design will provide you with carousels and you can stock your essential in those. For a spacious layout, you can implement a stylish kitchen island, or, might incorporate the grand G-shaped layout. Visit the showroom of modular kitchen in Bangalore, or, any other city and check out the catalogues they have.


Maintenance and repair:


A kitchen no matter how well-built it is, should be easy on the repairing and maintenance. The modular kitchen is far more advantageous than regular kitchen considering both aspects. You can expect nothing but easy maintenance solutions, thanks to the collapsible design. The modules could be easily removed for deep cleaning purposes if need be. This also makes the repairing a smoother process, as a particular module could be taken out forrepair work and reassembled.


Easy installation:


The modular kitchen installation is absolutely fuss-free, unlike the carpenter-made kitchen there is no need for you to deal with construction mess at the home. These modules are manufactured in the factory, and these are assembled at your home. The process is fuss free, mess-free, and is almost instantaneous. Approach the leading modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, and you can learn how simple the installation process is, and if you ever relocate you can easily take the kitchen apart, and shift it.


Modular kitchen design: The cons


Now that we are done with the modular kitchen design pros, we need to learn about the cons as well.


The price:


The price point of a modular kitchen design usually turns out to be the most debatable point for the people. The modular kitchen is expensive when compared with your traditional kitchen design. So, yes that can be a disadvantage, especially if you are on a tight budget. A carpenter-made kitchen can be less expensive and yes, there is room for bargaining. However, the price of the modular kitchen model that you settle for can be modified depending on the material selection, modules, accessories, layout, finish, and other factors. You can certainly get the price within your budget. Furthermore, with a modular kitchen you do not have to be worried about the recurring cost.




The modular kitchen design needs good maintenance, if you tend to skip the regular kitchen maintenance chores, then you should think twice before getting a modular kitchen because you must pay good attention to maintenance, and it should not be a sporadic activity. You must take good care of it, and do not let the grease and dirt accumulate on the surface. So, if you are looking for modular kitchen in Bangalore, visit the showroom, talk to the dealer to learn about the materials that can be easily cleaned.




The modular kitchen has its owns set of pros and cons, and now that you are aware of both, you will be able to make the informed decision. Just be sure that you are approaching the best modular kitchen dealers in Chennai, to ensure you are making the right investment.


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