Is a Branded Modular Kitchen Better Than a Carpenter-Made Kitchen? #MyHäckerStory – Rajni Aneja

Is a Branded Modular Kitchen Better Than a Carpenter-Made Kitchen? #MyHäckerStory – Rajni Aneja

Is a Branded Modular Kitchen Better Than a Carpenter-Made Kitchen #MyHäckerStory - Rajni Aneja

Hacker kitchens come with unmatched functionality and robust designs that exude timeless elegance. While creating an Indian kitchen design, we pay attention to the client’s unique requirements, the climate, and other crucial aspects to deliver an ideal Indian modular kitchen. We have successfully built a family of happy customers who trust us.


Recently, we have started featuring our happy customers in an exclusive segment called #MyHäckerStory.  In the edition, we will feature Mrs. Rajni Aneja, the proud owner of a Hacker modular kitchen in Delhi. She shared her happy Hacker story and emphasized that a Hacker modular kitchen is better than a carpenter-made kitchen.


#MyHäckerStory – Rajni Aneja: Modular kitchen in Delhi


Rajni Aneja is a Delhiite, she’s lived in the capital for 25 years. Almost six years ago, she decided to reconstruct her home, and that was when she decided to have her own Hacker kitchen.  She’s fond of cooking, and her Hacker modular kitchen, an elegant white model, complements the rest of the interior well.


How did she discover Hacker?


She discovered the luxury modular kitchen brand through her sister. During her visits to her sister’s home, she fell in love with her German-made modular kitchen. Later, when she reconstructed her home, she knew she wanted her new kitchen to be a Hacker kitchen instead of a carpenter-made kitchen.


Having previously used a carpenter-made kitchen this switch was necessary for her. After using her Hacker modular kitchen model for almost six years, she spotted stark differences between a carpenter-made kitchen and a Hacker kitchen. Some of the differences that she observed are as follows:


  • Drawers: Hacker’s pull-out drawer system is convenient and functional. She never had this seamless experience with a carpenter-made kitchen.


  • Customized storage: Hacker helped her customize her kitchen storage. It wasn’t possible with a carpenter-made kitchen.


There are many drawbacks to a carpenter-made kitchen that affect the kitchen’s functionality and also disrupt the user experience. A carpenter-made kitchen will lack the precision, quality, and innovative features that enhance a kitchen’s functionality.


At Hacker, we customize every Indian kitchen design, and all kitchen units get manufactured in an automated unit in Germany. Our modular kitchen models have ergonomic features and are durable. A Hacker Kitchens model must pass through stringent quality checks before reaching your home.


Apart from quality and functionality, the carpenter-made kitchens cannot offer you the versatile designs you will find at any Hacker showroom. Our customers can choose from 10,000 color options, an exclusive range of premium quality materials tropicalized to suit the Indian climate, and innovative accessories to keep the kitchen clutter-free.


What is her favorite part of her modular kitchen?


When asked what her favorite part of the modular kitchen design is, she mentioned the electronic cabinet in the kitchen. It is a cabinet with a rolling shutter and is home to multiple small kitchen appliances, such as her mixer grinder.


It is a highly convenient addition to her modular kitchen design. It has electrical outlets that allow her to plug in an appliance and use it on the spot.


There is also an extended platform attached to the cabinet. It simplifies the job and keeps the kitchen clutter-free. There is no need to carry an appliance around and place it on the worktop to use it.


It is a simple yet intelligent feature that makes her kitchen functional. Each customer we meet has some specific customization requirement, and we design and implement the special touches to provide them with the comfort they desire.


What does she love about the brand?


Rajni Aneja has been using the kitchen for over six years and has no complaints. She is also impressed with the brand’s after-sales service; if there is a problem, she knows that help is just one call away.


With that, we come to the end of this #MyHäckerStory. But we have so many stories to share and new stories to write. Our journey as a German modular kitchen brand continues as we brainstorm new features and solutions to create unique kitchen spaces. If you loved this #MyHäckerStory, reach out to us and tell us how we should design yours!



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