Redefine elegance with AV 6023 GL Elegant Oak from Hacker Kitchens

Redefine elegance with AV 6023 GL Elegant Oak from Hacker Kitchens

Redefine elegance with AV 6023 GL Elegant Oak from Hacker Kitchens

Modular kitchen design is a flawless amalgamation of functional features and dazzling designs. At Hacker Kitchens, we craft luxury kitchen designs in diverse styles. Our contemporary, traditional, and modern kitchen designs are breathtaking and versatile.


We are always brainstorming combinations to craft mesmerizing kitchen designs. Today we will introduce you to one such Hacker modular kitchen model, namely the AV 6023 GL Elegant Oak, a stunning design that exudes luxury. This beautiful kitchen combines elegant oak wood and cool graphite. The magnificent model is ideal for any modern, contemporary home.


Here’s AV 6023 GL Elegant Oak, which redefines elegance in a minimalist style!


Luxury modular kitchen model: AV 6023 GL Elegant Oak


The divine combination:


The unusual combination of elegant oak wood and cool graphite sets the tone in this kitchen. At Hacker Kitchens, you will be spoilt for choice because our NCS color system offers more than 1,950 options to allow clients to be creative. We always believe in setting new trends, and that is why we keep experimenting with modular kitchen designs.


The soft warmth of brown beautifully contrasts with the cool graphite, and together they weave a minimalist design that is an intriguing interplay of fluting and rich textures. The kitchen has a simple, clean look, and the grooved wooden surface in real wood veneer has lent an understated elegance to the design. The cabinet fronts complement the cool, smooth graphite surfaces.



The model is available in 3 different styles:

  • Elegant Oak
  • Elegant Walnut
  • Black Oak

The magnificent design details are the highlights of this otherwise simple, minimalist kitchen.


The multifunctional kitchen island:


A kitchen island is an exclusive element and has become an integral element of any modern kitchen design. The luxury kitchen model AV 6023 GL Elegant Oak too, has a snazzy kitchen island in the middle. The island, too, is a charming blend of oak and graphite that continues the seamless flow of this modern kitchen design. The cabinet fronts are in elegant oak, while the worktop is in graphite. The worktop extends to create a serving section as well. There is no ornate detailing involved; everything is minimal yet efficient. The worktop section of the island has a built-in hob.


The storage cabinets underneath are perfect for hiding integrated appliances, such as the dishwasher, and also for storing cooking essentials and serverware.


AV 6023 GL Elegant Oak

Handle-less minimalist storage:


The modern kitchen design has some unique features, and the handle-less cabinets are a prominent feature of this kitchen design style. This luxury kitchen design too boasts of refined, handle-less oak cabinets. The cabinets placed under the worktop and the floor-to-ceiling cabinets streamline the look and help continue uninterrupted flow. The large cabinets are often ideal for hiding integrated appliances such as the oven and refrigerator in the kitchen. It allows easy accessibility and also enhances the aesthetics of a modern modular kitchen model.


The cabinets are beautifully complemented by the granite open shelf that has been placed strategically. The shelf is a thoughtful addition that amps up the luxurious vibe in the kitchen. Like other design elements in the kitchen, the open shelf is a minimalist addition.  The zone tastefully highlights cherished décor items, with no visual clutter, and the integrated smart lighting adds subtle warmth to the cool graphite. Such integrated lights are a part of modern kitchen design, and they are ideal for displaying your prized possessions without any glare.


The kitchen layout:


It is an open kitchen plan, with the kitchen zone arranged in a simple one-wall layout.  The open plan is now being adopted by homeowners who wish to integrate the kitchen space with the dining area. The kitchen is also now an entertainment zone, and this modular kitchen model is a great option for those who want to host a party or welcome guests in the kitchen. The kitchen island is the focal point in the kitchen, and with the beautiful pendant lighting fixtures placed above the island, one can cook, serve, and also engage in conversations with the guests. Since there is ample space available around the kitchen, the user can access any point in the kitchen, and the traffic too can move around smoothly.


Redefine elegance with the luxury kitchen model AV 6023 GL Elegant Oak from Hacker Kitchens. Check out our modular kitchen showrooms and explore more exclusive modular kitchen designs to find a combination that reflects your style.


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