Hampton From Hacker Kitchens: A Cozy Modular Kitchen Design

Hampton From Hacker Kitchens: A Cozy Modular Kitchen Design

Hampton From Hacker Kitchens: A Cozy Modular Kitchen Design

Right now, green kitchens are very popular, and there are a ton of different variations that you can find. The color is soothing, and one can choose from different shades of this hue for their modular kitchen.


At Hacker Kitchens, we create a harmonious blend of quality, aesthetics, and functionality to create timeless designs. Our modular kitchens come in different styles; along with creating snazzy, contemporary, luxurious kitchen spaces, we also craft cozy kitchens that are more intimate and exude a welcoming vibe.


Welcome to Hampton, a beautiful pastel green modular kitchen from Hacker Kitchens that is a warm and bright kitchen space and it blends classic design elements with a contemporary touch.


If you have been wishing for a cozy kitchen space of your own, then you must explore Hampton.


Hampton from Hacker Kitchens: Modular Kitchen Design

Hampton From Hacker Kitchens

The soothing pastel green shade:


Green is undoubtedly a vibrant color; it brings with it a freshness that you crave as you enter your kitchen space in the morning. The Hampton from Hacker Kitchens comes with an ash-lacquered real wood frame and veneer center panel, and the pastel green shade that dominates this modular kitchen model soothes the eyes. Pastel shades are great for small kitchens, as they make the room appear spacious and brighter.


The white tone is a stunning complement to the pastel green tint, elevating the entire design. The green color also represents nature; in this kitchen, vibrant plants surround the entire kitchen space and create a harmonious kitchen that is close to nature.


The country-style kitchen:


Nothing can be more cozy and inviting than a country-style kitchen in pastel green. It is a timeless style that can be trendy and contemporary too. Hampton is a modular kitchen design that is a brilliant fusion of traditional and modern design styles. If you are seeking to create a kitchen space that is tranquil and captivating, Hampton from Hacker Kitchens should be your inspiration. This kitchen is simple, yet it retains the core features of a classic kitchen design. The framed clear glass units and the vintage cabinets help create a pleasant rustic appeal. The kitchen has a minimal yet traditional style that helps create a sleek, streamlined look. The skylights in the kitchen are strategically positioned to let in natural light. The entire kitchen space is beautifully illuminated, and it gives off a nature-inspired vibe.


The layout:


The kitchen has a one-wall layout. The kitchen countertop is arranged in a simple style, wherein the drawers are placed under the worktop on both sides of the oven. None of the appliances are integrated in keeping with the classic style. However, the small island in the middle creates an additional storage, display, and entertainment zone. Its petite design complements the simple elegance of the rest of the kitchen elements. The drawers attached serve a storage purpose, but the small open shelves underneath them are used for displaying décor pieces.  The beautiful combination of green and white continues with the single, large white pendant lighting fixture above the island.


All three zones in this modular kitchen design are thoughtfully positioned to provide for sufficient walking room.


Kitchen storage:


The storage units in this modular kitchen comprise a combination of shelves, drawers, and cabinets, including glass cabinets. These units have handles in keeping with the classic theme, but these handles are less ornate. The kitchen hardware is modern, and the raised panel doors evoke the traditional theme. The fusion is carefully done to blend two different styles without creating visual clutter. The modular kitchen model has an interplay of textures and elements that complement the pastel-green kitchen. The nature-inspired, sophisticated pastel green tone complements the blend of form and practicality.


The strategic placement of the storage in the kitchen enhances accessibility and functionality. The glass cabinets and open shelving are beautiful additions to the kitchen and are reminiscent of a vintage kitchen.


Hampton from Hacker Kitchens is a beautiful modular kitchen model, it is an elegant fusion of classic and contemporary styles. The nature-inspired kitchen will be a grand addition to your home. If you are seeking a different style, then visit a Hacker Kitchens showroom and check out all the latest modular kitchen designs.


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