Make More Storage Space In A Small Modular Kitchen With These Tips

Make More Storage Space In A Small Modular Kitchen With These Tips

Make More Storage Space In A Small Modular Kitchen With These Tips

Anyone with a small kitchen space would complain about not having enough space to move around, not having enough storage, and the kitchen would be in the constant state of clutter. Therefore, it is important to take care of the kitchen design at the initial stage to ensure that none of these issues ever occur. However, storage is one aspect of kitchen design that has to be planned right, and in a small modular kitchen design one must implement innovative storage ideas to ensure that the kitchen has an adequate amount of storage space. Here are some storage tips that would ensure that the kitchen remains clutter-free and there is enough space for everything.


Tips to create storage space in a small modular kitchen:


It is a good idea to install open shelving:


When it comes to creating storage space in a small kitchen, the user should pay attention to the available space vertically as well. The idea here is to optimize every bit of the space available in a way that the kitchen remains organized. The usual practice of building overhead cabinets would not work for a small kitchen; the space would be even more enclosed. It is best to opt for open shelves in the kitchen which could be installed above the kitchen countertop area, or, at places where one needs to build storage. These open shelves make storage so much easier.  The open shelves make everything easily accessible, and easy to locate as well. One can place the cookbooks, the big cookware, coffee mugs, or, anything they do not have space for elsewhere. The open shelves in your modular kitchen in Delhi will serve many purposes. You can add a small shelf to put all your spice jars that you require on a regular basis in the kitchen, this would make your work easier too. Your requirement would decide how many shelves you need, and the size, design, and number of the shelves.


Do not waste corner spaces:


The kitchen has many corner areas that usually go to waste due to poor planning. Since you are planning a modular kitchen in Indore you would find it easier to optimize the kitchen corner areas with corner cabinets, and drawers. These modules are specially built to take care of the kitchen corner needs. You would be able to keep things organized with modular kitchen accessories like the kitchen carousel units. This would not only create some additional space in the kitchen but would also make it easier for you to access the items you are storing in the corner cabinets, and drawers. Before you plan your design make sure you select the right layout that would allow you to include the corner cabinets, and drawers. Also explore the corner storage module styles so that you can pick up the right style for your small modular kitchen design.


Install a pantry unit:


The kitchen would be a space where you need to store your kitchen essentials, grocery items, utensils, and more. The grocery items you would need in a large quantity, and these must be stored in a systematic way in the kitchen otherwise, you would end up with clutter. Accessing these items would be complicated as well. Creating a separate pantry section would be a great idea, as you can store all your grocery essentials there, and as this unit would be completely detached from other storage units, you will have absolutely no trouble accessing them. There are multiple exclusive pantry unit designs around, and you must select accordingly.  In your modular kitchen in Delhi, you should create a pantry with separate sections for different categories of items; for example, you can have one shelf for the grains, one shelf for the cereals, one for the spices, and so on and so forth. You can also add one shelf to put all the small appliances that you have. This will help you keep the countertop clutter-free.


Segment and organize:


The best way to make sure that your small modular kitchen in Indore has enough storage space is to segment the kitchen essentials that you have. Be it your spices, grocery essentials, utensils, or, other items, you should segment everything and create a specific storage space for every segment. For example, if you have to store big pots and pans, then you can use a hanging rack to hang the big utensils. You can also use such racks for storing your coffee and tea cups. You can store the accessories like the knives, beaters, spatulas, etc. using a pegboard, you can either opt for a pegboard backsplash, or, you can add the pegboard on the wall. The small appliances could be stored in the cupboard, or, in the pantry unit. A shallow drawer could be installed beneath the cooktop to store the small accessories like the cutlery, accessories and the dividers could be used to keep things sorted in your small modular kitchen design.


Conclusion: The above mentioned tips would help you create an adequate amount of storage in your small modular kitchen design. Even if you have a big kitchen space you should still plan your storage carefully so that you do not have to deal with clutter later.


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