Modern Indian kitchen storage ideas: Drawers vs Cabinets

Modern Indian kitchen storage ideas: Drawers vs Cabinets

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Planning a kitchen might be trickier than you think, you have to pay attention to so many details. Especially while planning a kitchen for the first time, the home owners shouldn’t skip the essential details as that might affect the kitchen functionality. While planning a modern Indian kitchen layout or, a modular kitchen layout, storage is one element which you should plan after much deliberation and research. Yes, whether you have a luxury kitchen or, a regular kitchen you need to be particular about the number and the type of storage modules you would include.


Mostly the modern Indian kitchen designs these days are no longer limited to only cabinets, drawers have made entry and are being appreciated for being so versatile. So, which storage module is better? The good old cabinets or, the smart drawers? Let’s do a quick comparison to find out which one would be ideal for a modern Indian kitchen.


Drawers vs Cabinets: Which one to opt for?


Both modules have their unique advantages and could be versatile in design, however, with a modular kitchen design you can certainly expect both modules to be even more efficient. However, the space you can allot to your kitchen, accessibility, aesthetics are some of the factors that should be kept in mind before you opt for any of them.


What is the trend?


Which way the latest kitchen design is moving is important to know, is it the cabinets that the home owners want or, do they prefer the drawers?


Cabinets: When it comes to kitchen design the home owners tend to prefer the cabinets. The cabinets have always been around and it is needless to point out that these have been around for so long. In fact, the cabinet has always been the go-to storage module for the home owners for decades, it still is. With variations like the glass window cabinets and handle-less cabinets, there are more options to choose from. Furthermore, cabinets could be installed overhead and even base cabinets are there to take care of storage needs. The cabinets now come with drawers and cabinet organizers, so storage also becomes a breeze. While visiting modular kitchen stores in Indore, learn about different styles available if you are opting for one.


Drawers: The drawers have started winning hearts more recently especially due to the modular kitchen concept which has catapulted the drawer concept to a new height. The modern kitchen drawers are smarter choices when they are compared with the cabinets, versatile in style and their pull-out design is just perfect for any kitchen modular or, regular. There are deep drawers, shallow drawers, tandem drawers, corner drawers, many varieties to choose from. In modern kitchen the drawers are being given a warm welcome as these are considered to be more efficient storage modules and are absolutely hassle-free. Most homeowners are now preferring to have a mix of both in the kitchen, as both have utilities which are hard to ignore.


Which one is the most space saving?


Space is ultimately what decides what your kitchen layout is going to be like and which modules you might consider including in the layout.


Cabinets: In a spacious Indian kitchen design, where you do not have to worry about having any limitation or, boundary, cabinets would be the obvious choice. You can definitely have as many cabinets as you need, and even bigger cabinets as for that matter. With smart organizers the cabinets would be just perfect, but for a small kitchen though, having cabinets might be a problem as these take up space. Having smaller cabinets won’t work and it would be a problem fitting adequate number of cabinets in a layout.


Drawers: The drawers on the other hand are absolutely perfect for a small kitchen. The drawers could be neatly stacked one over the other and thereby they do not demand much space. When you want to optimize the kitchen space the drawer is the way to go, in a kitchen with a straight-line layout it makes more sense to have drawers than cabinets. You can have the deep drawers beneath where you can stock the pots, pans, even your big dinner plates, other big utensils. Above that you can have shallow drawers with organizers to store spices, sauces and another drawer on top of that which can be used for cutleries. A luxury kitchen too would look great with sleek drawers along with cabinets. Keep your space in mind before you plan your storage modules, however, drawers can be more space saving than cabinets.


Ease of access:


No matter which storage module you decide to opt for you have to keep the accessibility factor in mind. What you store in cabinets or, drawers you should be able to access easily.


Cabinets: The cabinets are definitely big enough to hold the stuff and you can also have different cabinets for storing different items. With organizers you can segment the items you need to store. However, the cabinets might be a little problematic when it comes to accessing items. If you are not too careful with your organization, locating an object might be a hassle and also with the cabinet doors you either have to open them or, slide them to one side to access things. Furthermore, with overhead cabinets you have to reach up, and with lower cabinets you have to bend down or, even sit to take out items, so the cabinets can be inconvenient. Although with modular kitchen designs you can opt for cabinets that can be operated with a light touch. Explore the modular kitchen stores in Indore to find out about trendy designs.


Drawers: With the drawers though accessibility and organization can be a breeze. Segmentation gets easier with drawers and so no matter what you store, you can compartmentalize each item with the drawer organizers. The pull-out design of drawers make them easier to access in a hurry rather than cabinets. Furthermore, the drawers could be built anywhere, even underneath your countertop for keeping kitchen accessories like spoons, spatula, rolling pins, knives, so that you can access these in a hurry and also put them back without any hassle. Cabinets do not offer such flexibility. Also you can have pegboard drawers, drawers under the sink for a better experience. Modern Indian kitchen design needs to be smarter something that grants quicker access and ease of use, from this perspective the drawers will stay a couple of steps ahead.


Kitchen aesthetics:


Just like functionality the kitchen aesthetics is something to deliberate on.


Cabinets: The cabinets have been the traditional choice for so long and the traditional kitchen design relies heavily on the cabinets, with the traditional door style with knobs and pulls you can definitely create a classy look. A kitchen layout with white or, black cabinets and brass pulls would look stunning. Even modern cabinet designs can be sleek, if yours is a modern, modular, or, contemporary kitchen then the handle-less cabinets might be great. Stainless Steele or, Lacquered cabinets too can upgrade the kitchen aesthetics. Dual tones are in as far as modular kitchen is concerned, so having glossy cabinets in red, orange or, even teal would look appealing in a otherwise white kitchen.


Drawers: Whether you have a luxury kitchen in mind, or, a regular kitchen, the drawers would just fit in fine. The modern Indian kitchen design is sleek and the stress is on a seamless approach. The drawers both shallow and deep can enhance the look of your kitchen as they blend seamlessly with other elements. The clean lines, the convenient design and no bulky hardware make them an absolute delight. These are neatly stacked, and look great on the corners, the way they can be just pulled-out does add that smart touch to your kitchen operations. Both modules are pleasing to the eyes only if you choose the right style. Add splashes of colours to both to make your kitchen a fun place.


Conclusion: Both kitchen cabinets and drawers are indispensible storage modules which if designed right would serve you right. However, the drawers are more convenient than cabinets when it comes to space and ease of access.If space is not a constraint then have a combination of both in your modern Indian kitchen to enhance your storage efficiency.


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