Functional Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Modular Kitchen in Vizag? Check Out This Guide

Functional Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Modular Kitchen in Vizag? Check Out This Guide

Functional Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Modular Kitchen in Vizag Check Out This Guide

Designing a kitchen that is beautiful and efficient takes a lot of planning and a highly pragmatic approach. However, when it comes to designing a kitchen, homeowners often fail to strike the right balance between style and functionality. They end up with a kitchen that is stunning to look at but is not an ideal place for cooking, serving, or socializing.


Creating a functional kitchen design should not be difficult; however, to do things right, you must be aware of the common kitchen design mistakes that affect kitchen functionality. If you are currently planning to design a stunning modern modular kitchen in Vizag, you should consider learning about these mistakes so that you can avoid making them. Let’s find out more.


Creating a modern modular kitchen design in Vizag? Avoid these design errors.


Not having enough storage space:


A kitchen needs an adequate amount of storage space to store every essential item needed in the kitchen. But one of the crucial mistakes that users make is not calculating the exact amount of storage space they need, and they end up with less storage than what is ideal, and the kitchen starts getting cluttered. Inefficient storage planning also makes it difficult to access the items in a hurry.


The selection of the storage modules and their strategic placement are essential to creating a functional kitchen. If you follow the latest modular kitchen designs, you can find inspiration for storage module designs that look snazzy, efficient, and easy to access.


Select the right number of storage modules, and invest in organizers to keep everything in place. Invest in wall cabinets, shelves, corner drawers, and even racks for every item in place. Place specific items where you would need them to enhance accessibility.


Also, avoid making the mistake of not including a pantry unit in the kitchen. It will save you the unnecessary hassle of looking for your grocery items in your cabinets.


The wrong layout:


The kitchen layout holds the key to a functional kitchen design. Without considering the kitchen size, shape, and usage pattern, selecting a layout would lead to inconvenience. In the kitchen, you should be able to move around freely while carrying out diverse activities; therefore, be selective about the layout of your kitchen. A wrong layout would lead to a waste of space, and constrict movements. Kitchen workflow would get obstructed too.


Find a layout such as the modular kitchen design L shape for your modular kitchen model in Vizag to optimize the kitchen space, and also streamline the kitchen workflow. An apt layout will also contribute to enhancing kitchen aesthetics.


Are you neglecting ventilation?


Walking into a kitchen filled with last night’s dinner smells is not a pleasant experience in the morning. During cooking, steam, food odor, food particles, oil, etc. infiltrate the indoor air in the kitchen. If you have numerous windows in your kitchen, you may not need to worry about air circulation, but you should still invest in a nice kitchen chimney. As for windowless kitchens, one must invest in the best kitchen chimney to keep the indoor air healthy and keep the grease off of your precious kitchen cabinet surfaces. While planning your modern modular kitchen design in Vizag, pay attention to ventilation and get a state-of-the-art kitchen chimney.


Not paying attention to the lighting:


If the kitchen is not well-lit, carrying out tasks will get complicated. You must prioritize lighting when designing your modular kitchen. Illuminate both the kitchen area in general and your task zones. Improper lighting will make it difficult for you to prepare meals or wash the dishes in the sink. The latest modular kitchen designs require a layer of ambient, accent, and task lighting. It is recommended to install task lighting above your worktop, as well as above your stove and sink. This will provide sufficient illumination for all your kitchen tasks. Light up the inside of your cabinets in the kitchen design in India with integrated lighting solutions to enhance accessibility.


Underestimating the countertop:


When designing a kitchen, we often overlook small details and focus on the larger components. One component often overlooked in kitchen design is the countertop. The countertop is where you perform meal preparation tasks; your stove is on the countertop itself, along with small appliances, small containers, and kitchen tools.


If you have a small countertop, it can easily become cluttered, making it difficult to perform tasks. Therefore, it is important to have a spacious countertop to avoid any inconvenience. While planning a modern modular kitchen design in Vizag, select the countertop size, height, width, and material carefully. The countertop should be at an ideal height—not too high and not too low. Furthermore, the countertop material should be stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Convenience should be your priority.


Conclusion: Avoid making these mistakes while designing your modular kitchen model in Vizag. If you end up with a faulty design, an expensive kitchen design is the only answer. Therefore, pay attention to the crucial aspects of modular kitchen design and design a flawless, functional kitchen.


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