Which modular kitchen layouts would be ideal for a spacious Indian kitchen?

Which modular kitchen layouts would be ideal for a spacious Indian kitchen?

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Most homeowners complain about not having enough space in the kitchen area, which come in the way of their designing a fully functional modular kitchen. There is no denying the fact that an Indian kitchen would inevitably need more space, as there would be plenty of spice jars, utensils, and other items to store. Selecting the ideal modular kitchen layout can solve many issues, but one has to be really calculative about it.However, when you have plenty of space available in your kitchen, you definitely have a bigger chance of using the kitchen space in a much more creative manner. But just because there is enough space available that does not mean you will be random about the layout selection. Here we have some ideal modular layout suggestions for the spacious Indian kitchen design. Let’s check out what these are.


Ideal modular kitchen layouts for a spacious Indian kitchen:


The island modular kitchen layout:


This layout is immensely popular and if you have been exploring the latest trends then you must have come across this layout at some point. Basically this layout is ideal for a kitchen which is spacious and filled with a myriad number of activities. If in your kitchen along with cooking and cleaning you also want to relax, serve food, and entertain guests then you should consider opting for this particular layout. Since you already have plenty of space available you can be creative with the significant element of this layout, which is the kitchen island. You can opt for a fully functional kitchen island, which you can use as your second workstation in the kitchen with a sink and countertop area, and you can also have a second hob there if you have a big family or, if there would be multiple cooks in the kitchen. Furthermore, you can add cabinets to create some additional storage. You can also opt for a double-tiered kitchen island that can serve the purpose of both cooking and eating, visit the modular kitchen showrooms in Chennai, to learn about available options.


The benefits of these layout are immense:


You have more meal preparation area.
You enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.
You create additional storage space.
You create room for smaller appliances and kitchen tools.


However, explore your island options and choose some durable yet appealing ones. The design, size, as well as the placement of the kitchen island must be decided carefully. Talk to your modular kitchen dealer and ask for advice if needed.


The U-shaped modular kitchen layout:


Another great modular kitchen layout for a spacious kitchen would be the U-shaped layout. This would work for enclosed spaces better, and this layout takes up three walls and the cabinetry and other modules just run along the walls. This is an ideal layout that allows you to implement the work triangle, and you can easily segment your kitchen space in zones. You can reserve one section for just the countertop area that comes complete with drawers holding all your kitchen essentials. On the other two sides you can build other storage modules and also place your appliances. As you explore the modular kitchen stores in Indore, check out the layout and also ask questions regarding its features. This is such a versatile layout that it gives you the scope to create even two separate workstations for two cooks. Planning would be of utmost importance here as well, because with this layout placement of different elements would assume the greater significance and would hold the key to creating a functional space.


The benefits of this layout are:


You have adequate countertop area at your disposal.
You have plenty of storage space available.
The work triangle rule could be implemented.
Aesthetically appealing.
Movement does not get obstructed.
Well organized kitchen.


Planning would again be important if you truly want to make this layout work. While planning any Indian kitchen design, always keep your specific requirements in mind. Especially when you opt for a modular kitchen, customization according to your requirements becomes important.


The L-shaped modular kitchen layout:


One of the most versatile layouts available out there for the kitchens would be the L-shaped layout. It is interesting to note that this layout has been recommended for a small kitchen in one of our previous blogs , and now we are also recommending it for a spacious Indian kitchen. This just goes on to show how flexible this layout is and how seamlessly it can fit any kitchen space big, medium or, small. The trick lies in the fact that the layout takes up two adjacent walls leaving ample space in the middle. In a small kitchen it helps you be more compact, and in a spacious kitchen you get to expand. The room left in the middle could easily be used for placing a big enough kitchen island. If you are not a big fan of enclosed spaces and want your kitchen to be more spacious then combining the L-shaped layout with an island would be just great. You can use the island for building additional storage modules, or, just purely for serving and entertainment purposes. Check out modular kitchen showrooms in Chennai, to learn how this layout plays out.


So what are the benefits of this layout?


You have the perfect work triangle.
The kitchen space could be optimized.
Flexibility in design.
Plenty of room for movement.


Before implementing this layout you should learn about different ways to place your modules to ensure you are taking full advantage of the layout.


The G-shaped modular kitchen layout:


Another layout that absolutely complements a big kitchen is undoubtedly the G-Shaped kitchen layout. This is an extended version of the U-shaped layout which aims to make your kitchen area not only more functional abut also ideal for a big family. While exploring the modular kitchen stores in Indore, do ask about this layout and learn how to implement it in your kitchen. Things can seriously take a great turn when you try out this design, it basically covers all four walls and also finishes off with a peninsula. This enables you to add enough storage modules, and have a big kitchen countertop area while allowing you to use the peninsula to serve food to your family. This is again an ideal layout for those who have a big family and also for a kitchen where more than one cook participates in the process.


Let’s find out about its benefits here.


You have more room for your workstation.
Plenty of storage modules could be installed.
You have room for base cabinets along with drawers.
You can create a serving nook.
The work triangle could be created without any hassle.


The layout indeed is absolutely right for a spacious kitchen area, so also check this out while considering the right layout for your kitchen.


Conclusion: With that we come to the end of this discussion. Explore the above mentioned layouts, learn about the benefits of each to decide which would be ideal for your Indian kitchen design. Before taking the final decision make a list of your requirements so that you can come up with the right modular kitchen layout.



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