Never Make These Mistakes While Planning a Modern Kitchen

Never Make These Mistakes While Planning a Modern Kitchen

Never Make These Mistakes While Planning A Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen design is all about making a kitchen efficient and stylish. The modern kitchen keeps pace with the fast-paced lifestyle of the users and offers them a kitchen solution that makes their kitchen work absolutely simple and efficient. However, designing a modern kitchen is easier than you think, if you are planning a kitchen for the first time, you might end up making some common kitchen design mistakes that would later impact the kitchen functionality, and eventually would push you towards a kitchen renovation.


Modern kitchen planning mistakes you should avoid making:


Picking the wrong layout:


When you plan a kitchen you have to select the right layout for it; a layout not only gives the kitchen a definition but it also helps in optimizing the space. If you pick up a wrong layout that might affect the kitchen efficiency, for example, for a small kitchen the island kitchen layout would be a mistake or, the peninsula layout would also be a misfit. For a small family kitchen that needs a compact layout, the L-shaped layout would be wastage. Therefore, study the modern kitchen layouts and be ready to implement the one that suits your kitchen space the best. You can also check out a latest modular kitchen design to develop the right ideas about the kind of layout you should have.


Not having the right kitchen storage modules:


When it comes to designing a modern kitchen you should never ever take your kitchen storage needs for granted. If you have less storage than what is required, you kitchen would soon become a cluttered place. But for your modern kitchen to be efficient you must have the adequate number of kitchen storage modules. There are cabinets and drawers available that you can implement in your modern kitchen and you should also include open shelves in the kitchen to put the essential kitchen items. So, calculate your storage needs properly, and build the adequate number of storage modules. The pull-out drawers and cabinet designs would be more accessible. Explore the latest modular kitchen models to learn about modular kitchen storage modules.


Not planning according to work flow:


The modern kitchen design should always be planned according to the workflow in the kitchen. The kitchen is a place where you perform many tasks and also you move around a lot for switching between stations and zones. One of the biggest mistakes is to plan a kitchen not considering the workflow; if you plan your kitchen like that you would bump into different elements, and you will also have problem opening doors of the cabinets. Do not make this mistake and instead you should keep the workflow in the kitchen in mind, and then position all your kitchen units, appliances.


Not optimizing the vertical space:


The vertical space in a kitchen would always be important. You must optimize this space to be able to make your kitchen space fully functional. Usually we end up with the overhead cabinets that we have trouble reaching later. Accessing items in these cabinets could be a problem, so it is best to think out of the box and opt for some different vertical storage solutions. If you check out a latest modular kitchen design you would find that there are open shelves in the kitchen that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer great storage solutions. On the other hand, you can opt for hanging racks, for storing your pots and pans. This would be a great way to optimize the vertical space, you can also display items and find room for your items.


Not having the right light:


Your modern kitchen functionality would be affected if you do not have the right lighting arrangement in the kitchen. Your kitchen space should be brightly lit and it should not have any dark spaces. Plan your kitchen lighting scheme by surveying the kitchen and locating the areas where light is needed. Make sure natural light can come into the kitchen;as far as artificial lighting is concerned, have ambient, accent, and also task lighting in the kitchen. The task lighting over the kitchen countertop, over the sink, would be required. So, look for the modern kitchen lighting fixtures and get them installed in your kitchen. Explore the modular kitchen models and check out how well lit these are.


Not having separate zones in the kitchen:


The modern kitchen design is now systematic and having separate zones in the kitchen is a requirement you cannot deny. The kitchen should have distinct zones for food preparation, for food storage, for cleaning, for cooking etc. When you have clear zones in the kitchen you would find it easier to keep clutter away from the kitchen space, and this would help you plan and maintain the kitchen in a hassle-free way as well. The modern kitchen has a streamlined design and for that, having clearly segmented zones is a requirement that cannot be overlooked.


Conclusion: Those were some modern kitchen design mistakes that hamper the functionality of the kitchen space. Go through these and do not make any of these mistakes while designing your modern kitchen. Plan it well to create a highly functional modern kitchen.





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