What Are The Factors To Keep In Mind While Designing An Indian Kitchen?

What Are The Factors To Keep In Mind While Designing An Indian Kitchen?

What Are The Factors To Keep In Mind While Designing An Indian Kitchen

Architect Rohan Rathi Speaks


Planning a kitchen is not easy because there are many things to consider. People who use kitchens have different needs. Therefore, no one-size-fits-all solution can work. While designing an Indian kitchen, multiple factors will come into play.


One must factor in the cultural diversity that impacts the cuisine, the cooking methods, and other aspects of cooking.


However, some ground rules must be followed that will help you create an ideal Indian kitchen design. The Managing Director & Principal Architect at Rathi Associates, Architect Rohan Rathi​ lists a few ground rules that must be kept in mind while designing an Indian kitchen.


Factors to keep in mind while designing an Indian kitchen:


What does architect Rohan Rathi have to say:




As architect Rohan Rathi breaks down the ground rules in this video, one can understand that stress is being put on the pragmatic aspect of an Indian kitchen design. Regardless of the kitchen size, and style, these key factors influence the functionality of a kitchen design. Let’s delve deeper into these rules one by one.


Rule 1# Indian kitchens need to be well-ventilated:


Architect Rohan Rathi’s first thumb rule is- “Indian kitchens predominantly need to be well-ventilated”.


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Why should you follow this rule?

This rule is crucial to keeping your kitchen healthy and clean. Indian cuisine is aromatic as it involves a lot of spices, and aromatic ingredients. “Tadka” or tempering, is an intrinsic part of Indian cooking that can cause strong odor and smoke in the kitchen.


Be it a studio apartment kitchen or a big joint family kitchen without proper ventilation, steam, odor, and smoke can remain trapped. Cooking in such a kitchen will be uncomfortable, and there is a potential that the food odor will spread to other areas of the house.  Furthermore, your kitchen surfaces will become greasy.


Install kitchen chimneys that suck up all the smoke and odor and keep your modern kitchen in India fresh. The open kitchen concept or letting the air in through windows are other options for ventilating your modern kitchen in India. But, whether you have an open kitchen or an enclosed one, investing in high-end kitchen chimneys will be necessary.


Rule 2# Let there be light!


The second thumb rule that Architect Rohan Rathi shares is that an “Indian kitchen must have a lot of light coming in”

Why should you follow this rule?

This rule impacts functionality, as good lighting is a must for any modern kitchen design. A bright kitchen is aesthetically appealing; when you have plenty of natural light flowing in the kitchen, you can save money on energy costs. If something is blocking the natural light, use artificial lights to light up your kitchen.


Task lighting is essential for illuminating your cooktop, and work zones. A well-lit kitchen will aid in creating an efficient kitchen space. Use dimmers to set the right mood while entertaining guests in the kitchen. The strategic placement of a chandelier or pendant lights can enhance the aesthetic appeal of Indian kitchen design.


Rule 3# Good quality hardware that lasts:


Architect Rohan Rathi stresses the quality of hardware used in a modern kitchen in India. Since Indian cooking involves many helpers, it is essential to invest in good-quality hardware. He further elaborates that Haecker Kitchens products are worth investing in as they come with a lifetime warranty.

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Why should you follow this rule?

In an Indian kitchen, big or small, multiple cooks or helpers can operate simultaneously. Therefore, the hardware used for the drawers, and cabinets must be sturdy enough. Investing in quality hardware is essential, as it will be durable.


Haecker Kitchens is synonymous with quality. Premium quality products, state-of-the-art designs, and lifetime warranty make Haecker kitchens an intelligent choice for a modern kitchen design.


Architect Rohan Rathi suggests homeowners visit Haecker Kitchens showrooms to familiarize themselves with the brand and its product range. He wraps up by stating, “It is a great product to have in your kitchen”.


The thumb rules shared by architect Rohan Rathi are essential to creating an Indian kitchen design that is high on functionality and is durable.


Take care of the kitchen’s ventilation, make room for light, and invest in premium-quality hardware. Also, visit a Haecker Kitchens showroom near you and let us help you design the perfect Indian kitchen that you will cherish forever.





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