Why is it Important To Have Different Zones in Your Modern Kitchen Design?

Why is it Important To Have Different Zones in Your Modern Kitchen Design?

Why is it Important To Have Different Zones in Your Modern Kitchen Design?

Designing a kitchen is not as simple as one might think; a modern kitchen is chic, functional, and also highly systematic. The modern kitchen is now more streamlined than ever before. The systematic design of the modern kitchen ensures that the kitchen remains clutter-free and makes kitchen work absolutely hassle free. Furthermore, if you follow the modern kitchen designs you would find that the modern kitchen is divided into different zones according to functionality. There are many benefits to expect and the kitchen will become a more organized space. If you are planning on having a modular kitchen in Kolkata, you should consider creating different zones.  Here are the reasons why you should consider having different zones.


What are the different zones?


In a kitchen the zones are decided in accordance with the functionality. The kitchen is divided into some basic zones namely, the prep zone, cleaning zone, cooking zone, storage zone. Let’s take a look-


The prep zone:


This is one of the basic zones in the kitchen; in this zone the meal preparation activities take place and that can range from chopping vegetables, preparing spice mixes, to other activities. This zone should be next to the cooktop and also near to the sink. This will help in meal preparation an easier task, the positioning of the prep zone is crucial to ensuring that your kitchen work gets easier. Furthermore, the accessibility to the kitchen shelves also matters especially the ones that contain the spice jars, and accessories like chopping board, and food processors. If you are getting a modular kitchen in Chennai then you should definitely create the right prep zone.


The cooking zone:


In the kitchen the next important zone would be the cooking zone. This is the area where cooking is done and it comprises the cooktop, the chimney, and oven. Now the positioning of this zone has to be carefully planned especially if you want efficiency. You can easily create the right zone by placing it next to the food prep zone. The basic function of this zone is just cooking the food and nothing else. You must make room for the accessories like the ladles, spoons, pots, and even pans, spice jars next to the zone. You can make the zone more efficient by installing an open shelf over the countertop where these items could be put, and ranks may be installed for ladles, and other utensils. Easy accessibility is what you should aim for here. So, pay attention to this zone when you design a modular kitchen in Mumbai.


The cleaning zone:


It is needless to point out that this zone is an integral part of every kitchen, it comprises the sink where the washing and cleaning activities take place. Since, these activities involve water, soap, and also dirt, it is best to place this zone far away from the cleaning and prep zones. You can make this zone efficient by installing a rack to hang kitchen towels, and also a small shelf over the sink where you can put the cleaning supplies. You can also install an under the sink unit. Before designing a modular kitchen in Kolkata, you should give this a thought.


The storage zone:


The name is self-explanatory, this is the zone where you keep your kitchen essentials stored. However, there might be two categories one containing the consumable food items and the other category is for the grocery items. You should consider designing the storage zone in your modular kitchen in Chennai in a systematic way. You do not need all the items you store in your kitchen every day, therefore, create a storage module nearby the food prep zone containing the items that you will be needing in this zone. The same rule should be followed for the other zones. A zone specific storage could work wonders for your modular kitchen in Mumbai.


Now that we have become familiar with the different zones, you should learn about the importance of having different zones.


Reasons to have different zones in your modern kitchen design:


Efficiency: There is nothing like working in an efficient kitchen. If your kitchen does not have clearly demarcated zones, then it will be difficult for you to work smoothly in the kitchen. You will be constantly looking for items and will have difficulty keeping everything organized.


Save space: When you create different zones in the kitchen as per your activities, you save space in your kitchen. One activity does not overlap with the other, and it helps in optimizing the space you have in your kitchen. As you plan different zones you know how much space should be allotted to which zone, and this will help you make smarter decisions about space usage.


A clutter-free kitchen:  If you are going to keep your modular kitchen in Kolkata, clutter-free then having a kitchen with different zones would be a great idea.  Each zone will function separately and the chance of there being a mess would be much less.


Systematic storage: One of the biggest reasons to have zones is to keep your storage systematic. You can easily ensure that the essential items you need to keep in the kitchen should be systematically stored. The presence of zones ensures that the items are being stored where they will be required; this makes your kitchen more accessible as well.


Conclusion: It makes great sense to divide your kitchen in different zones and this will ensure that your kitchen turns into a highly functional space. But be practical about your design process, keep the available kitchen space and your specific requirements in mind before you start planning the zones.


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