How to Create a Modern Kitchen Design in India? Here’s a Kitchen Design Guide For You

How to Create a Modern Kitchen Design in India? Here’s a Kitchen Design Guide For You

How to Create a Modern Kitchen Design in India? Here's a Kitchen Design Guide For You

Modern kitchen design thrives on simplicity. Clean aesthetics, functional layouts and designs, cutting-edge appliances, and handle-less storage modules are some key elements that contribute to creating an efficient modern kitchen design.


Planning a modern kitchen design in India should not be a complex endeavor; instead, with the proper instructions, you can plan a functional modern kitchen design.


Here’s a kitchen design guide that will enable you to create the best modern kitchen design.


Modern kitchen design in India: What are the steps to follow?


Select a layout that boosts functionality:


The first step should be selecting a layout that optimizes the kitchen space while aligning with your activity pattern in the kitchen. You may also consider opening up the kitchen space. The open kitchen plan is inviting and the kitchen receives plenty of light. Your kitchen usage pattern would also play a determining role in the layout selection. Depending on how you cook, how many meals you cook in a day, where you store your groceries and utensils, and how many people are involved in the cooking process, you would decide which layout would work best for you. Explore designs for modular kitchens to understand how a modern kitchen layout works.


Certain layouts, such as the L-shaped kitchen layout, single-wall layout, and parallel kitchen design, will work for kitchens of all sizes. Find a layout that enhances the efficiency of your kitchen design.


Handle-less units:


The modern kitchen design is free from any kind of visual clutter thanks to the handle-less doors. The cabinets and drawers have flat panel doors that create a seamless flow in the kitchen. The absence of handles does not impact the functionality of these units in any way. For your kitchen, you can select pull-out, soft-closing systems that allow smooth operations without any hassle.


While selecting storage units, ensure they help you fulfill your storage requirements in the best way possible. Also, opt for accessories like cutlery inserts to keep the storage units functional and efficient.


Create separate zones:


Modern Indian kitchen design is clutter-free and organized. Instead of randomly designing your kitchen, be strategic about it. Create zones for carrying out different activities. For storing your items, you should create a distinct storage zone; for meal preparation, create a separate meal prep zone; likewise, there should also be a cleaning zone. Such intelligent segmentation would minimize clutter and also keep the kitchen organized. Specific segments would ensure that your kitchen workflow does not get interrupted. The designs for modular kitchens also implement different zones. It will streamline the workflow in the kitchen.


Built-in appliances:


One key feature of modern kitchen design is integrated appliances. The built-in appliances are big space-savers that create streamlined aesthetics in the kitchen. Every item, from refrigerators to dishwashers, may be incorporated and concealed behind panels. Such integration lends a smart look and also enhances functionality. However, the modular kitchen models also have integrated appliances from top brands. While selecting appliances opt for energy-efficient appliances that have a high energy star rating.


Create layered kitchen lighting:


The modern kitchen design has a layered lighting scheme, which helps illuminate the kitchen space. While planning a parallel kitchen design, you should install task lighting and ambient lighting, and for decorating your entire kitchen space, you should install accent lighting. Look for fixtures that sync with the kitchen style. However, install skylights to let in natural light.


Install a peninsula or an island:


One of the striking features of modern kitchen design is a kitchen island, or you can also install a kitchen peninsula. These modifications allow you to establish a distinct counter that serves as a breakfast bar and a meal prep counter; if arranged correctly, they may help you build an entertainment zone in the kitchen. However, remember that peninsulas and islands are different, and you should carefully plan their selection. A peninsula is not a free-standing unit like an island; hence, you need a kitchen layout that supports this element. On the other hand, an island would require sufficient space; therefore, you should implement it only if your kitchen has enough space to accommodate one.


Conclusion: The modern kitchen design is clutter-free and functional. Remember the recommendations offered here while designing a contemporary kitchen in India. However, your kitchen must reflect your style and preferences; hence, you should customize the design.


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