5 Reasons You Should Renovate Your Indian Kitchen Design

5 Reasons You Should Renovate Your Indian Kitchen Design

Renovate Your Indian Kitchen Design

The kitchen should be the most functional space in the house due to the numerous activities that we engage in there. However, due to faulty planning, and a lack of foresight, users often end up with a kitchen design that does not work for them. Low functionality will lead to issues like clutter, low-accessibility, blockages, and waste spaces. The list will only go on. More often than not, the kitchen aesthetics too need a makeover, as with time, a kitchen style may become outdated.


However, all of these problems can be overcome with a simple solution- renovation. Kitchen renovation can transform your Indian kitchen design and enable you to create the perfect kitchen that you have always desired.


In this blog, we are discussing five reasons why you should renovate your kitchen design.


Indian kitchen design: Why should you renovate?


Improve functionality:


If your kitchen is not functional, you will experience many issues while working in it. A dysfunctional kitchen with the wrong layout would make it difficult for you to access cooking, cleaning, and storage zones, and it may also obstruct the traffic flow in the kitchen. If you are experiencing such problems in the kitchen, you should renovate it.


The right step would be to pay attention to how you use the space and your lifestyle needs; select a layout that fits your specific requirements seamlessly, and help you implement the work triangle rule. Implementation of the work triangle rule in a modern kitchen design will help you reach the sink, refrigerator, and cooktop quickly without any obstruction. An apt layout also facilitates strategic placement of the appliances and other modules to enhance accessibility.


Customize the design:


If your kitchen is not customized to meet your kitchen usage pattern and specific requirements, it will not be functional. Every kitchen design should be unique because it should align with the requirements of the kitchen user. Survey your current kitchen design and list all the problem areas; it will help you figure out what changes need to be implemented. 


Keep in mind how you use your luxury kitchen. It will help you decide where the cabinets should be placed, what the countertop height and length should be, and so on. You should customize the design and implement elements that will enhance the workflow and your kitchen aesthetics. You may choose to add an island if you want to create a focal point in the kitchen or an entertainment zone. Talk to a designer to discuss how you want to customize your kitchen.


Declutter the kitchen and optimize storage:


If your current kitchen is full of clutter, including visual clutter, and you are experiencing trouble locating items, then it is time to renovate your Indian kitchen design. You should make a list of the items that you must store in the kitchen and plan the placement of storage modules accordingly.


Since you are renovating, you can add floating shelves in the kitchen for storing your spice containers, dinner plates that you use regularly. It is a simple yet effective way to enhance the accessibility of these items. Also, install tall units to store your groceries and even small appliances. Invest in bottle pull-outs to efficiently store oil containers, bottles of sauces, etc.


Explore the market to learn about the latest kitchen accessories that will streamline your kitchen storage needs. Once the renovation is done, you can enjoy a clutter-free kitchen that is beautifully organized.


Maximize space:


If the kitchen is not planned correctly, then you will notice that valuable space is getting wasted. If in your current kitchen, you have corner spaces getting wasted, then it is time to renovate your Indian kitchen design. Select layouts, such as



These layouts can help in optimizing the kitchen space and fully utilize the kitchen corner areas. Also, make room for traffic around the busy sections in the kitchen.


Your lifestyle has changed:


One key reason to renovate the kitchen design is if your lifestyle has changed recently. Maybe your family has expanded, or you have now more than one cook working in the kitchen, or you want to include a serving zone or an entertainment zone in the kitchen. If your present kitchen setup does not align with your changing kitchen needs, then you must renovate your kitchen design. Keep your new requirement in mind to plan the renovation project.


If you are experiencing any of these issues in your Indian kitchen design that we have discussed in this blog, then you should start planning a renovation. Consult with an expert before you make any move. Set a budget and list the concerns that you wish to address to streamline the process.


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