Planning an island modular kitchen in Mumbai? Explore these 5 island styles

Planning an island modular kitchen in Mumbai? Explore these 5 island styles

Planning an island modular kitchen in Mumbai? Explore these 5 island styles

An island kitchen design has always been a favorite with kitchen users due to its versatile design and utility. An island can double up as a workstation, it can be your kitchen’s focal point, it can provide additional storage space that you require. However, one must meticulously plan an island kitchen design as there are several aspects to consider, and one of the crucial decisions that one may make is which island style to pick.


If you are now busy planning a snazzy island modular kitchen in Mumbai, then, along with learning about modular kitchen costs in Mumbai, start researching different kitchen island styles so that you can pick what suits you best.


In this blog, we will discuss 5 island styles that will be a great fit for a modular kitchen.


5 island styles for your modular kitchen in Mumbai:


The double Islands:


For a luxury kitchen design the double islands can be the perfect addition. It is needless to point out that in order to house the dual islands the kitchen needs to have ample space so that two separate islands can be placed with leaving adequate space for the user and the traffic to move around.


The layout selection is also crucial for a modular kitchen design with two islands. The parallel kitchen design can come in handy here; place the two parallel units far enough to position two islands in the middle lengthwise.


The one-wall layout too would support this style because the kitchen would be open on all three sides and the islands could easily fit in.


The dual islands can be positioned either parallelly or side by side (if the space is narrow and long).


One of the islands can double up as a work station where you would prepare meals, and the second island can be reserved for entertaining guests or serving food. Add cabinets and drawers according to the utility of each island. 


If you are using an island for meal preparation then add a chimney, cooktop, sink, and also storage cabinets.  Add bar stools to transform the other island as an entertainment zone.


Visit the best modular kitchen showroom in the city to learn about the modular kitchen price in Mumbai. Also learn about the cost of different island types.


The multi-level islands:


The multi-level islands, especially, the two-tiered islands are highly functional models and are an ideal for a modular kitchen design. Along with enhancing functionality, such islands can also add to the visual appeal of the kitchen.


This island due to its multiple tiers can be used to execute diverse functions. A chic multi-level island can be a big draw for the guests during a party; add seats to serve snacks, beverages, and chat with them, use the top tier for such functions.


You can use the lower tier for food preparation, and also for storage. The L-shaped layout, one-wall layout are some of the modular kitchen layouts that will beautifully accommodate a multi-level island.


However, if you decide to opt for a two-tiered kitchen island, make sure you create a perfect lighting layout, For the top tier that is to be used for entertainment, you can settle for pendant lights.


Use task lighting if you want to use the lower tier for meal preparation.


The kitchen island table:


This island style would go beautifully with a classy, traditional kitchen theme. Such an island is functional as it can perform multiple functions. Let’s start with its basic function; this kitchen island has a large countertop area that functions as a worktop and it could also become a serving platform where you can serve meals.


A kitchen island table is an excellent addition to an open kitchen plan, and works great for small spaces. The table style island will include built-in-storage such as drawers and cabinets offering additional storage space. This island style would fit Indian kitchen ideas well and will become a centerpiece in your kitchen where your kids can do homework, you can sit and enjoy your coffee, and also have a rollicking time enjoying a great dinner with family.

Comet Putty Concrete Black

The waterfall Islands:


If you want to design your modular kitchen in Mumbai in the contemporary style, then you should consider exploring the waterfall kitchen island. The waterfall island is trending high and the users are loving this kitchen island style for its visual appeal and also for its utility.


As the name suggests, the countertop in this island style does not stop at the edges, rather it falls over the edges resembling a waterfall. The horizontal flat surface takes a vertical plunge to create drama.  If you want a snazzy island in your kitchen that can be a statement piece, you should select the waterfall island. Select its materials carefully, a white marble waterfall island can be a breathtaking addition to the kitchen.


Since this island style is highly customizable, it would complement the entire modular kitchen design. While discussing modular kitchen costs in Mumbai with a reputed modular kitchen dealer, discuss the customization process as well.


The rolling kitchen island:


If you want to add a kitchen island in your small modular kitchen design, select the rolling kitchen island. This kitchen island is portable and highly functional.

Since it is not a permanent fixture like other islands, you can move it around the kitchen according to your need. It is a versatile element and its height and width can be adjusted according to your need.


You can use the island surface as your workstation and move it around to serve snacks or beverages when the need arises. The island comes with wheels with locks to secure it wherever you need it to be stationary.


Conclusion: These five kitchen island styles can be great for your island modular kitchen in Mumbai. Conduct your research, visit a modular kitchen showroom to learn about the island styles and select a style that suits you best.


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